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You are going to resign "willy nilly" my friend, there is no other way

Kiliçdaroglu took all the risk and responsibility after the magic word "roof candidate" was whispered to his ears. He put his party under the great risk.

The result is clear: they literally collapsed under the "roof".

Imagine. They gather as 14 parties and get the well-known community"s support, but still Erdogan wins over them by a 16-point interval.

This fiasco is unprecedented. Just as Mr. Kiliçdaroglu once said, "You are going to go to the ballot box willy-nilly", he must resign exactly the same way, because there is no other honorable way for him to act. (Well, if he were in Japan, perhaps there would be another way, but I cannot imagine Kiliçdaroglu committing to harakiri. )

Ekmeloglu ?

I hope to get to know more about the esteemed person; because the more we got to know him, the more we liked him. We wouldn"t want to lose him. As though we were not full with his love.

For example, he may become the CHP chair as soon as Kiliçdaroglu resigns and we sit and watch him like a movie day and night.

Why not? Apparently, the CHP voter has a huge amount of digestion capacity.

While praising the CHP elector as "free and independent minds", they were insulting the AK Party voters as "belonging to the Islamic pledge culture".

Now they don"t hesitate to use every kind of insult against the MHP elector, because they did not give their pledge to their "roof candidate" in a satisfying amount for them.

This bewilderment is unprecedented.

As soon as the ballot boxes were opened, I saw Ugur Dündar and other"s faces on Halk TV torn into pieces from sadness and I felt pity.

But come on; what were they expecting from their "roof candidate"? To raise them up to the sky?

They turned mad right away!

They don"t only blame the MHP voters. According to them, both the "summer vacationists" and "protesters" are guilty.

Concerning the protestors, their rate corresponds to one in thousands only and if you go for the summer vacationists'' argument, what can you say about the AK Party elector who goes to his village in order to vote?

They say the attendance rate is low!

If you take it like that, the attendance rate in the US presidential elections is much less.

At any rate, if the attendance rate had been higher, Erdogan would have been elected with a higher vote.

They are not aware of the fact that the number of the AK Party voters, who do not go the ballot box – assuming that AK Party is going to be elected anyway – is many times more than the CHP"S "summer vacationist" voters" amount.

Another thing is while CHP was being consolidated through AK Party hostility, AK Party voters were overcome by languor with the idea that AK Party would win the elections anyhow.

And as for the AK Party organizations?

To be honest, I have not seen anyone working on the field.

The question that we must ask here is: Why did the MHP voter not give his pledge to the "roof candidate" (as much as they expected)?


The idea of the MHP elector in Anatolia is to establish a great new Turkey which gives its helping hand in due times and does not beg to foreigners, which is prestigious and worthy to listen.

What is more natural than electing Erdogan as the president who began such a building process for Turkey?

When AK Party and MHP were acting together in the parliament to remove the hijab (headscarf) ban, those rebuked it saying, "411 hands raised to chaos".

As the Ak Party voters along with a considerable amount of MHP voters decided that "The 12th President of Turkey is Erdogan", with their indigestion they are likely to come up with a similar trivia of the "chaos" discourse in the "411 hands raised to chaos".

What can I say, "You are all Ertugrul Özkök"?

Even if they make themselves more and more fools, they cannot change the fact. Turkey has made its decision.

The person who maintained AK Party and raised it to the top is Erdogan. The fact that he got more votes than his party did is its proof.

Now it"s time to discuss the presidential system.


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