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You monkey!

On a live TV show once, the Turkish comedian and new politician, Levent Kirca, also a member of the Labor Party in Turkey, told a journalist "Since you came here, let me attach a Labor Party badge on you", and the guy kept turning him down capriciously.

It came to a point that they both started to get vulgar about it. The conversation went on like this:

A: I will attach it,

B: No, you cannot,

A: Well, I cannot go without attaching it. You have been attached already, if only I could attach it one time"

Whatsoever happened (who attached what kind of a badge where and how) they both came to an agreement.

This is the same above guy, who recently said in one of his columns that there is no difference between the kids massacred in Gaza by the Israel terror state and a brother of ours whom the Turkish police killed.

Now he plays it smart, telling us that "In his eyes there is no such state as Israel". Well, it makes no sense whether you say, "In my eyes, there is no such state as Israel" or not even for 1000 times, when you take the government of the Turkish Republic into the brackets of an exclusive murder while he supports Palestinians in every platform and condemns the massacres of the Israel terror state.

For the sake of the analogy of the title you gave to your article, you already give much place to the "Israel terror state".

Well, this guy and others did not feel any need to appeal such shrewd comments in the "Old Turkey" time.

In old Turkey, our ministry of foreign affairs and even a part of the media through the international news departments – which collaborated with the "racist Zionist network" – used to illustrate rather straightforwardly the most unbelievable examples.

Primarily, it was the media of the "Old Turkey" in the lead of the Aydin Dogan cartel, in which the above-mentioned guy also took place as a columnist. Whenever Israel slaughtered Palestinians (that is whenever it bombed the Palestinians" yards with shells, ruined every stone, and evacuated every street); he was in the habit of writing statements such as, "Well, why don"t we do the same to the Kurds?"

They cannot say these things in New Turkey, so they are appealing to such shrewd comments.

That"s what their "shrewdness" corresponds to the demonization of the Prime Minister of Turkey (while synchronized with their Zionist network) who rises against every oppression that the "Israel terror state" committed.

Remember… A while ago three famous Zionists (Abromowitz, Edelman and Misztal) in their Washington Post articles called on Obama to take down Erdogan.

Especially authors like "Çölasan Emin", the mainstream media of the "Old Turkey", whenever Israel committed a massacre, used to offer such offense as a model to Turkey.

Let me see…

You set many villages on fire in Turkey and many a people went through unsolved murders, you made people eat excrement in Kurdish villages. Despite all that, you would get no response.

A "don"t bother, you have done it earlier" "excuse" was not responded! Like the massacre in Dersim for which Kiliçdaroglu used the excuse the conditions of the Republican revolution while, on the other hand, the Prime Minister apologized in the name of the Turkish Republic. But you were not given a response like "hey you killed our Alawite and Kurdish brothers in the mountains like insects". Why? Because the attempt to contest oppressions is the characteristic of those who want to cover up the oppression or instrumentalize it, rather than those who want to rise against it.

Especially, it does not befit someone who goes against an oppressor to recall another oppressor with a statement beyond its intent.

Alright! The massacres of the terror state of Israel are burning our hearts, but no rage can be an excuse to derangement of our bitter reactions.

"Hitler, we are looking for you" ? What is that?

God does not like transgressors.

If Hitler were alive today and if he applied the genocide he had done earlier, all the Muslims would become obligated to fight against Hitler for Jews and struggle Hitler"s Gestapo in the fiercest way.

To kill a human just because he or she is Jewish means rebelling against the verses, the creation of God almighty.

Dear brothers, sisters! The most effective propaganda fuel of the racist Zionists is anti-Semitism.

Do you have any idea how these so called "deranged" reactions are transformed in the racist Zionist network into bombs to be used against the Palestinian kids, as that is a propaganda mechanism a thousand times more effective than that of Goebbels.

Yes "Hitler is wanted", but not for the genocide of Jews but for calling him to account for the Jewish kids he slaughtered.

This is the Muslim conscience.


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