You will not be able to stop us - SALIH TUNA

You will not be able to stop us

There was the Baas regime in Iraq, now the same regime is in Syria also. Saddam Hussein was “Sunni” at the same rate, with Assad being “Nusayri”.

At the beginning, let’s state our dignity judgment initially. A tyrant does not have a sect; a tyrant is a tyrant.

The regime in Syria was like the incessant September 12th regime that continued and passed down from father to son (from Hafiz Assad to Beşar Assad).

In other words, the atmosphere was always heavy.

For 8 years, Iraq’s Saddam Husein wanted to overthrow the Iran Islamic Revolution.

Unfortunately, he couldn’t.

We also want Assad, who slaughters his own nation; however, four full years have passed, but he is yet to be overthrown.

Because neither Saddam only consists of Saddam nor Assad only consists of Assad.

Both of them were only delegated warriors.

The Iran – Iraq war caused the deaths of hundreds of thousands of Iranian and Iraqi people, as well as destroying the energy resources of both countries.

During that war period, Kissinger’s answer to the question, “Which side’s victory will be best for the interest of the US?”, as follows; “Both sides’ loss….”

Both of them did lose.

Imam Khomeini (in his own expression) accepted the agreement at the risk of drinking poison.

If he did not, then things would have been made worse by the one, who have the procuration for Saddam to fight.

They have shown the extent of their determination in this matter by hitting a civil airplane full of 273 Iranian citizens with a missile launched from an American warship in the Gulf.

They’ve also shown their determination’s extent in this matter by allowing the slaughter of our 5,000 Kurdish siblings in Halabja under chemical weapons.

Halabjian kids had stiffened in the arms of their mothers; with the German-style mustard gas.

The modern world said nothing.

The United Nations, in Salih Mirzabeyoğlu’s expression in his poem entitled “Enlightenment Warriors”, the “pigs dictatorship”, said nothing.

What happened when Assad used chemical weapons? What happened to chemical weapons being the red lines of our modern world; why is Assad still continuing to do this?

The goals of the Racist Zionist network are not completely achieved, that is why.

The ultimate goal is a sect war.

In some way, before the ultimate goal, the mechanism started to work like the pincers of a scorpion; whoever ran away from ISIL was going to fall into the hands of the Baas regime.

Following the 9/11 attacks, Kissinger said, “From now on, the conflict should be between the Muslims…”

As of the result, this is what’s happening in Syria and Iraq.

Primarily, Turkey’s peaceful attempts had been disrupted in Syria. Then, unarmed demonstrations had been oppressed by fearful slaughters.

Then, unfortunately, the armed struggle began.

After all, the intention was to move on to armed struggle. (With the same intention, they’ve oppressed Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood with fearful slaughters, however, the Muslim Brotherhood resisted despite slaughters and executions; they didn’t move on to armed struggle.)

Syria was not only dragged in to an armed struggle, but also it was desired that Turkey be pulled into the hot conflict.

Mr. President, Erdoğan, did not fall into this trap, thanks to his perception.

Turkey was desiring for Syria’s democratization with reforms. In this matter, Turkey at least played a certain role in terms of synergy.

Look it up in the archives, the parallel supporters in Turkey, American Neo-cons and Iranian sectarians were the ones that were annoyed by the transformation of Syria through democratic reforms.

Don’t think that the ones, who were continuously spinning the “Co-Chairman of BOP”

yarn in those days in order to disrupt Turkey’s peaceful Syria policy, want peace in Syria now. No!

Their intention is obvious; to stop “New Turkey’s” advance via Syria….

They will not be able to stop it.

Sisis and Assads do not have an ounce of importance within the flow of history. The outcome of all delegated warriors is being servile like Saddam Hussein.


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