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You"re different!

Graham E. Fuller was recently interviewed by Turkish BBC in which he states, "I personally think that it is a mistake for Gülen to avoid criticizing the USA and Israel"s policies".

Who is Graham E. Fuller?

CIA"s ex vice-chairman of the National Intelligence Council.

Moreover, according to the founder of the society of Journalists and Authors, Latif Erdogan, he is the spy who took Gülen to the USA.

Fuller"s words are quite clear – well if it"s all right to say – with a shortcut description, it is as though the poet chanted:

The "You are my enemy in the crowds, but you are mine and I am yours in secluded places…" familiar chat.

In other words, the ex -CIA agent means to say "come on, let it go; we cannot misunderstand you. Even it"s just for show, criticize each other at least from time to time".


When the general editor-in-chief of Zaman, Ekrem Dumanli, published the headline "You oppressor" the previous day, I told myself, "There we go!"


I thought they slammed the Israeli oppression, which pierced the breasts of Palestinian kids.

It turned out that I was quite wrong!

Instead of targeting the "Israel state terror", which both religious, or non religious human bearing conscience condemned as oppressor, he put the Prime Minister of Turkey to the crosshair, who showed the strongest reaction on this planet to the pertinent oppression.

So, how did the Turkish Prime Minister become an oppressor in their view?

I have read Ekrem Dumanli"s "scenario" which recounts the period of the e-memorandum on April 27, 2007. (By the way, In terms of scenario technique, it"s still at the primitive level but it is not our topic here). In that article, he praises Erdogan"s democratness up to the skies, to a point that even if we gathered all the columnists, whom they regard as government mouthpieces by adopting the same language of pro-coupists, they wouldn"t be able to eulogize that much.

That means he was not the "oppressor" at that time.

Then let us re-ask: When did the Prime Minister Erdogan and Ak Party government become an "oppressor" for them?

Was it when Kuddusi Okkir died in prison in 2008 or when Türkan Saylan"s residence was searched in 2009?

Or was it when a rightist- known officer, Hanefi Avci, wrote a book that culminated in his imprisonment in 2010 for being a member of an illegal communist party?

Or is it when the author of the book "The Dink Murder and The Lies of the Intelligence" and Ahmet Sik were arrested in 2011? (Ahmet Sik was imprisoned for his unpublished book at that time.)

Alright, but Ekrem Dumanli and his affiliated media group altogether praised all this "activity" up to the sky.

Even so, because I wrote that such "activities" were a kind of persecution, he replied, "What happens here is the damage of the people in good faith by dodging them with the black propaganda flood."

So let me get your logic: When special authorized courts were ruling with an iron hand, Turkey was a country of freedom, e.g. the municipality presidents were arrested in a way that denoted concentration camps and stuffed in jails with them and by then it was a country run by the greatest democrats. However, only after that it was yielded to the hands of persecutors, huh?

Mr. Ekrem, give me a break!

In 2008, on December 29, in his article with the title "The election strategy has become clear, let us come together and decode it", he predicted that with "corruption" new reports a public support is going to be established and in the election period the publishing news of "corruption" will plainly be followed by an "operation". Mr. Ekrem, since you wrote these words, how did you get to defend the "no-corruption" covered junta judiciary, with tremendous effort?

What kind of a shift is that?

On one hand, you are attacking AK Party through "corruption" day and night, on the other you are backing up Sarigül who was extracted from his own party with the "corruption" claim? What kind of a result is that change?

Will you be able to explain the oddity in your article yesterday about "The Good Soldier Švejk" sort of treatment regarding these esteemed persons whom you addressed as "oppressed"?

Also, among those whom you call the "oppressed", there is a prosecutor who insults the Prime Minister, whom you call the "oppressor", as much as you do every day.

He is so oppressed that he asks Nedim Sener, "Why did your spouse have heart surgery? Are you trying to make yourself look poor?"

Isn"t the other "oppressed" the chief-editor who represents Turkey as a pro-terror country to the international public with every kind of fraud news?

Remember, you insulted the Prime Minister using his deceased mother.

What kind of an "oppressive" Prime Minister is that when you are able to cuss a mouthful of insults to him?

Let us get this straight:

You did not declare Mr. Erdogan as "oppressor" during the time the chief of general staff was sentenced by the special authorized courts due to establishing armed terror organizations or after Kuddusi Oktar"s death in the prison.

In short, you declared him as the "authoritarian" or "oppressor" ever since he started the "resolution process" or the Turkish-Kurdish conflict stopped.

The weird thing is that it is the same date famous Zionists, such as Abromowitz, Edelman and Misztal in the first place and others as being the racist Zionist network, started making propaganda against Erdogan calling him an "authoritarian-dictator".

Have you considered what kind of an oppression you have caused by concealing the truth (and how you will be judged about it on the Day of Judgment) Mr. Dumanli?


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