English-style far-right and the Labour Party in power

In the UK, the rise of the Labour Party and the strengthening of "far-right" parties in Continental Europe are parallel developments. The political stance of the Labour Party in the UK aligns in many respects with the views of nationalist parties in Europe. For instance, in the Netherlands, Geert Wilders staunchly supports Zionist ideology, a position echoed by Keir Starmer who has repeatedly expressed unconditional support for Israel.

Since assuming leadership of the Labour Party, Keir Starmer has voluntarily engaged in the propaganda efforts of global Zionism both in Europe and the UK. He actively worked to overthrow Jeremy Corbyn, who criticized Israel for its actions and sought to align with supporters of Palestine within the Labour Party. This led to a division within the UK Labour Party, creating space for anti-Zionist sentiments. However, Starmer accused Corbyn and anti-Zionists of being anti-Semitic, thereby attracting the support of Zionist Jewish voters, albeit not numerous. It was clear that Starmer's primary goal was to secure the backing of the British deep state. Supporting Israel and Zionism unconditionally might appear contradictory in this context, as it remains a consistent state policy for the UK.

Throughout his campaign, Starmer consistently showcased his allegiance to Israel and Zionism, which contributed to his ascent to prime ministership. Consequently, the British electorate chose someone who openly supports Israel despite awareness of its actions. Following October 7, when Palestinian supporters protested Israel's crimes and UK's arms support, Starmer remained unwavering in his commitment to Zionism, opposing student groups sympathetic to Palestine and endorsing universities' interventions against anti-Israel and anti-Zionist demonstrations. This continued support for Zionist propaganda forms a core part of his political strategy.

It became evident early on in Starmer's tenure that he had garnered the support of the British deep state, as he initiated a purification movement within the Labour Party, vowing not to tolerate anti-Semites or those hostile to Jews. His backing of Zionism has been central to his political stance. I had previously mentioned that delving too deeply into the relationship between the UK, the US, and Israel's deep ties could be misguided. Today, seeing similar sentiments expressed across different channels strengthens my belief in the necessity of exploring these deep-seated connections further. For example, it has been suggested in various quarters that Starmer's campaign aimed to secure support from major corporations, the pro-war British establishment, and Murdoch's press. Such assertions have reinforced the perception that elites representing the British establishment are not only pro-war but also exhibit racist tendencies. This characterization sharply challenges the narrative acceptable to "ultra-Western" or Anglophile elites in Turkey, who until recently held Europe and the UK in almost religious reverence. I don't think they have abandoned this belief; rather, they are waiting for an opportunity to express it openly, with no other reason to retreat into the background. It remains an open question who truly embodies fanaticism in Turkey. However, the term "pro-war and racist elites" is striking and provocative enough to stimulate discussion.

As initially stated, the Labour Party's ascent under Keir Starmer in the UK mirrors the rise of the far-right in Continental Europe. It's evident that the UK is reasserting its old colonial policies and shows no signs of abandoning them. There will naturally be differences in style compared to Continental Europe, where the British are likely to downplay the racist rhetoric of the "far-right." Statements like "no tolerance for anti-Jewish sentiment or allowing anti-Semites to take over the Labour Party" underscore this difference from extreme right-wing figures like Geert Wilders.

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English-style far-right and the Labour Party in power
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