Israel is like a boomerang in motion

Many are familiar with the photo showing Geert Wilders, a representative of nationalist thought in the Netherlands, shaking hands with Israeli President Herzog. Before October 7, this photo might have surprised many. According to the perception shaped in the second half of the 20th century, nationalist movements in Europe had issues with Jews, which necessitated the establishment of Israel. The actions of Germans and other European nationalists towards Jews led to victimization, and a global design emerged in this context. This global design was Zionism and Israel. Therefore, the friendly poses of Geert Wilders and Herzog were surprising.

After the EU Parliament elections, when nationalist parties rose, it became clear that Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu, like Herzog, could not hide his delight. It was a strange and incomprehensible situation. The peculiar nature of this situation clearly needed an explanation. After World War II, Hollywood, the most important propaganda center of the Anglo-Saxons, released dozens of films explaining to the world the victimization caused by German nationalists and other European-based anti-Semites. But now, the Zionists governing Israel were eager to collaborate with the rising nationalists.

Some might explain the close alignment of Israeli Zionists with nationalists in Europe by the common ground of rising foreign and Muslim hostility in Europe. From this perspective, it could be said that there is nothing surprising about Zionists and various nationalisms in Europe finding common ground. It might even be argued that foreign hostility is often directed by the Zionist propaganda mechanism. Undoubtedly, this is not a wrong thought. In fact, it is even discussed how different nationalisms align with U.S. policies. The harmony between Russia-hostile European nationalisms in key war zones like Ukraine provides Anglo-Saxons with significant maneuverability. However, a certain truth needs to be highlighted here because other factors do not fully explain the sympathy of Zionists towards rising nationalist movements in Europe.

Here, we need to remember Roger Garaudy. Garaudy wrote that Zionists collaborated with the German Nazi regime and naturally Hitler until 1942. For saying this, he was once accused by Zionists of being a Holocaust denier. But after October 7, the veil over the truth began to lift. In this context, the relations between Zionists and Hitler no longer seem surprising because both did not want Jews to assimilate into European societies to maintain racial purity. Both Zionists and Nazis believed in the idea of racial superiority. From this perspective, Jewish assimilation would undermine racial purity according to both Zionists and Germans. Garaudy revealed this fine detail and collaboration.

In 1939, the St. Louis ship, carrying over 900 Jewish refugees, was turned away by both the U.S. and Canada. When the ship was forced to return to Europe, Adolf Hitler declared on the radio that it was not only the Nazis who hated Jews. The Nazi dictator said, "Look, the whole world hates Jews."

As understood from the quote, the Anglo-Saxons who dominated Canada and the U.S. almost closed the entire American continent to Jews. Garaudy expressed similar thoughts. He, like David Hearst, pointed to the Anglo-Saxons. Garaudy even drew attention to Zionists like Bernard Henri Levy, who had taken over French intellectual life. Naturally, this recent situation is a problem for France and the French. However, their agreement to establish a Zionist state in Palestinian lands is a problem for both the Muslim world and all humanity. We have seen why Israel, as an imperialist project of Britain and the U.S., is a problem for humanity. The fact that almost the entire world, except for the Anglo-Saxons, curses Zionist Israel is not a trivial matter.

Israel is like a boomerang. Today, it strikes Palestinians and Muslim places. The Anglo-Saxons and Zionists do not currently consider the possibility of the boomerang returning to them. It appears that way from the outside. However, I remind those who think like this of the deliberate attack on the U.S. "USS Liberty" ship by Israel in 1967.

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Israel is like a boomerang in motion
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