An Azerbaijan axis is rising in the Caucasus - SELÇUK TÜRKYILMAZ

An Azerbaijan axis is rising in the Caucasus

It might be too soon to celebrate, but current events are laying the foundations for very positive thoughts concerning the future. We can now talk about an Azerbaijan axis in the Caucasus today. The Armenian occupation of Azerbaijani lands is not an issue that can be narrowed down to the last three decades alone. The “school missions” by the U.S. and European states regarding the Armenians and their support to Armenia started in the mid-19th century. Similarly, Tsarist Russia’s support to Armenia also dates back to the same time period. During the purge of the Ottoman Empire, which was known as the Eastern question, big powers were in complete agreement solely with respect to backing the Armenians. Russia, the European Union, and the U.S. united once again in their support of Armenians in the invasion that resumed in the 1990s. President Ilham Aliyev and Azerbaijan’s victory today is better comprehended when taken into account within this two-century historical context.

The events developing within the context of the East Mediterranean and generally the Mediterranean, France and other Western states’ operations, reminiscent of the colonialist era, were developments that would impact the whole world. The New Crusades that started with the collapse of the Soviets had included Azerbaijan as well, with the intention to eliminate the Caucasus Turks. The idea to divide the regional integrity was not arbitrary. If we were to give a certain date, it should be marked that the New Crusades that started in the ‘90s was stopped on exactly July 15, 2016. Shedding light on certain aspects of history that remain in the dark is a lengthy process, however, it must be noted that those who attacked our homeland on July 15, were the very same ones that attacked Caucasia in the ‘90s. Turkey declared that the defense period was over after 2016. As Turkey continued to hack at the siege at its very core, they developed new areas of besiegement. Turkey’s support to Libya is in this context.

The proxy terrorist organizations controlled by France, the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Saudi Arabia, Israel, and other states intended to weaken Turkey by means distracting it in every field. Hence, the Armenians were mobilized in the Caucasus. Their aim was to distract Turkey. Yet, Turkey was supporting the national forces in Azerbaijan, similar to its efforts to establish an axis at its source by supporting the local and national forces of Syria and Libya. The Syrian National Army’s success was an important indicator. Countries such as France, the UAE, Saudi Arabia, and Egypt failed to see this reality. The fact that Aliyev is taking Azerbaijan to unimaginable heights was clearly grasped upon liberation of the occupied lands.

Nevermind withdrawing from the occupied lands, Armenia showed once again that it was threatening all of Azerbaijan with its attack on Tovuz. They were going to draw Turkey’s attention to the Caucasus, and cause Azerbaijan to lose its confidence. The attacks last week on civilian settlements should be considered within this context. It is clear that civilians are particularly being targeted, just like in the 1990s. Relying on Russia, European states, and the U.S., with the UAE on their side as well, they wanted to revive that terror. They thought Azerbaijan would suffice with activating international mechanisms. In fact, Iran has also been backing the Armenians all along.

As they did not expect such a swift and harsh response from the Azerbaijani army, their strategies were quick to fail. The spectacular 1918 victory of the Islamic Army of the Caucasus aside, it could be said that the Caucasus Turks who have been silent for the last two centuries have recovered. Surely there have been important achievements during this time and heroes whose names were written forevermore in history. We will be making an effort to write about them as well. However, today we discuss Azerbaijan’s power as a state. This is rather important. Who says Anatolian Turks and Caucasus Turks do not help one another? How can sister countries not help each other? But all sides know that the victory belongs to Caucasus Turks.

It is clear that those who have long been saying Turkey is alone and thus defining the steps taken as unplanned, did not expect this outburst from Azerbaijan. They had instead thought that Azerbaijan would desperately request help from here and there, and that Turkey would be in trouble. These groups will sadly continue to instill desperation.

After the Turkey axis, the Azerbaijan axis in the Caucasus destroyed all strategies. It is clear that this strong outburst by Azerbaijan will give rise to critical outcomes in our region. Following in the footsteps of his father, Ilham Aliyev will also have an extremely important place in Azerbaijan’s history.


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