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What does Turkey’s domestic and national car signify?

It is impossible to say something fresh on an identity, a career and discourse that have been built on complaints. This is a state of being and casting it off is a nasty business.For this very reason, it has never dawned on anyone to question the hab... more

Why should Erdoğan’s speeches be published as a book?

The Kuala Lumpur Summit revealed great tensions in the Islamic world. Though the conservative opposition and other groups interpret this tension through the Islamic world’s internal dynamics in attempts to determine a position for themselves, the sev... more

Erdoğan is the embodiment of anti-colonialist policy

We are going through a period when the West is being openly questioned by its former spheres of domination. If this were but a mere lapse of conviction, we would not have considered it as an ideological extremism (!). We are at a time when questionin... more

The US and CIA’s covert intervention in Bolivia

It will be sufficient to read Eduardo Galeano’s “Open Veins of Latin America” to understand why Bolivia’s state President Eva Morales resigned. Like Hugo Chavez, he too had taken steps aimed at changing his country’s fate. He strove for 14 years in o... more

President Erdoğan’s UN speech: justice, morals, conscience

I repeat, the phrase “The world is bigger than five” used by President Erdoğan to criticize the permanent UN Security Council members -- China, France, Russia, the U.K. and the U.S., is the most important criticism aimed at the global system establis... more

Turkey’s state mind and the will of the people

The matter of Turkey’s existence becomes more meaningful if we think of it within the framework of putting an end to the tutelage regime and dependency relations. We cannot identify the rising voices saying, “There is no such thing” as simply a diffe... more

East Turkestan and Islam’s historic geographical borders

I am in Baku, a city that could be the center of the Turkic world due to both its geographical position and the message it could convey. This is where I received the contradictory reports about Uyghur poet Abdurrehim Heyit. What could be said about t... more


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