Grave struggles await Turkey as it plays key role in deciding world's future - SELÇUK TÜRKYILMAZ

Grave struggles await Turkey as it plays key role in deciding world's future

It is no coincidence that the statement that the world and, in fact, nothing, will never be the same post-epidemic is being expressed strongly in Turkey. It is inevitable that Turkey will be at the heart of conflicts due to its role as one of the strongest countries that will shape the world of the future.

With the decision it took after 2009, Turkey encountered intense attacks by individuals and organizations, especially on the part of those that represent imperial centers. As a result of the epidemic, the tensions between global capital circles and states transformed into a conflict, and this activated Turkey-dependent organizations. The ambiguities of the new era have started to diminish. It is possible to say that harsher struggles await Turkey. It is clear that Turkey will face more intense attacks as it wants to transform its nearby region and regional depth.

Turkey had taken persistent steps in accordance with reforming itself and following an independent policy. The efforts of imperial centers to take control of Turkey from within is a process that can give rise to many discussions. Groups that could not possibly unite gathering under the same umbrella during this period is indicative of the complexity of the situation, but it is also interesting in the sense that it shows the liveliness of this times we live in. The network organized by the Fetullah Terrorist Organization (FETÖ) in collaboration with the liberals has an extremely powerful influence. This signifies the internationalization of the pre-epidemic process. When the steps taken in the period after 2009 aimed at taking control over Turkey from within yielded no results, interventions aimed at condemning Turkey to failure were moved to the nearby region. This thus made it obligatory for national and local institutions to renew themselves.

By activating its nearby region, in particular, Turkey is both neutralizing those directly attacking it and working towards expanding its regional depth for the future with the security fields it has formed. Such activities are perceived by imperialist countries like France as a threat. It is possible to infer that both global capital circles and imperialist states perceive Turkey’s steady and consistent efforts as a threat from the operations carried out by their representatives in Turkey. It was obvious from the black propaganda that started in the early days that they were thinking of taking advantage of the void of an administration in Turkey. They wanted to create an atmosphere of social panic and thought a chaotic environment would emerge with the loss of trust. It is clear that they perceive politics’ simultaneous management of numerous problems, including the epidemic as a threat. Their Turkey representatives’ efforts to ignore the administration’s success, especially with regard to the fight against the epidemic, is very telling.

We cannot explain the reason behind anachronic matters such as the conflict between religion and science coming up on the agenda during the epidemic with ignorance. Turkey emerging from this fight against the epidemic with flying colors aside, the process after 2009 was repeated with a success story exemplary to the whole world. As Turkey managed to overcome every great problem with success, the local and national became an axis. The president of Religious Affairs being turned into a target and the direct attack aimed at religious values should be considered a continuation of an artificial religion-science conflict. Both incidents being a continuation of the other shows that the attacks we are encountering are controlled by an organized structure. The artificial tensions caused by a conflict between religion and science are clearly paving the way for repugnant statements such as, “a man whose voice is representative of ancient times.” A quick scan of the columns that have been published since mid-March shows that sufficient preparation was made for the attacks against the voice of the Quran that comes from ages ago, in which we take pride. Conservative opposition’s support for this campaign is also significant in terms of understanding the new era.

Turkey has activated its own dynamics. Direct attacks on Islam’s fundamental values are indicative of the desperation of those striving to get Turkey to kneel. Simultaneously assigning terrorist attacks to the safe zones established by Turkey in Syria is quite significant. We can conclude that they do not have too many tools in their hands. We understand that the impact Turkey created on the ground is extremely important in terms of shaping the future. These signs show that a new era has begun.


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