It seems everyone was waiting for the barbarians

In the 19th century, the whole world, besides Western Europe, was invaded and colonized with the excuse to civilize it. In the present day, countries are still being invaded and colonized with the excuse of terrorism. Civilization used to be a tool of propaganda the West used on its own peoples. The massacre and genocide carried out on countries and peoples held subject to invasion and colonization should not be stopped with any moral concern. Therefore, any likely reactions needed to be eliminated. Civilization was used as an effective tool of otherization.

Karl Marx saluted the diagonal cutting off of the arms and legs of tens of thousands of store hands in India as a progressive step. Similarly, Friedrich Engels included all French operations in Algeria that are within the scope of crimes against humanity in the context of civilization. Marx said that Easterners did not know how to suffer. At a time colonialism reached its peak, Marx and Engels adopted the propaganda information and discourses produced in the West as is. Hence, the colonization of the world was completed in the early 20th century. They won the big wars.

The discourse of the West, which won all big wars, to civilize, was accepted by the colony countries as well. Intellectuals turned their backs on their own people and started speaking on behalf of the West. They too talked about how the people of the East did not know how to suffer. They forgot the values that belong to the East - or in a more general sense, the world outside the West. They too started to wait for the barbarians.

As of the early 1990s, the terrorism label started to be used effectively to convince Westerners of war and colonization like in the 19th century. That is when the barbarians came. All discourses changed quickly. It became fashion to seek barbarians both in Western centers and among the Easterners. Everybody was talking about the virtues of democracy and other Western values. Intellectuals had once again turned their backs on their own people. This aside, the terror and barbarian label had been turned into an effective weapon by Eastern states as well. Russia, China, Iran and, as a matter of fact, Saudi Arabia even used this weapon. Today, we are experiencing the consequences of this discourse being used as an effective weapon in Syria.

Russia and Iran clinging on to the terror organizations excuse to strike Idlib is quite meaningful. Russia had used the terror label in Chechnya as well. The Sept. 11, 2001 attacks had given Russia this opportunity. When Russia turned Chechnya into ruins, nobody said a word to avoid appearing on the same side as the "barbarians." Western centers made every adjustment through the effective use of the terror excuse. Iran is seeking massacres even in Idlib, a place that is the final refuge for Syrian opposition groups. They too awaited the barbarians. The opposition's demand for basic human rights and laws when they first set off on this path holds no significance. The Syrian regime's response to these demands with the harshest measures is also not important. Because the barbarians are coming.

Accepting this situation, which can be considered clear opportunism of states, without holding it subject to any criticisms, may lead to serious consequences. Trust is no longer part of inter-state relations. Such lawlessness will reflect differently on the people. The situation is even more critical at the intellectual level. Today, if groups such as the Fetullah Terrorist Organization (FETÖ) that are producing terror on behalf of the West are being presented as a branch of our ideological discipline, we should not be surprised about how the West uses the barbarian metaphor so effectively.

Turkey really is the last island of humanity. The Ottoman Empire was also the last island of humanity in the 19th century. The Ottomans were hope for all of humanity until the last moment, and it did its best to fulfill this. Today, the Ottoman Empire's legacy is on Turkey's shoulders. The Ottoman's had reached out from the depths of Africa all the way to Asia's vast steppes. We are having difficulty today following in their footsteps.

Lo and behold, really, lo and behold! Even the non-Muslim nations of Africa are talking about protecting Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and Turkey. We cannot say that this is an expectation or hope that has emerged within a couple of days. Everybody speaks with the experience of a centuries-old history.

Everything starts at the moment it is thought everything is over.


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