Palestine is resisting on behalf of the whole Muslim world

Israel is acting in accordance with a specific expansion and enlargement strategy in Palestine. And to that end, Tel Aviv is using a variety of tools, all of which must be examined individually. However, it should be noted that the strategy of expansion and enlargement bears many similarities with the land rush of the colonies in America towards the West. European settlers in America never had any tolerance for the indigenous peoples who were the real owners of the land as they moved West. Indigenous populations were subjected to famine, poverty and aggression as they were driven further West. Likewise, the infectious diseases that Europeans brought to America broke the resistance of the natives. Over time, an overwhelming contrast emerged in terms of demographics that was irreversible. 

As the colonies advanced towards the West, European nations flocked to the United States, and population supremacy reached a pinnacle. The transport of Africans to America as slaves also fortified the European population of the colonies. In this respect, it has been noted that European settlers subjected indigenous peoples to harsher treatment than African slaves. One of the most important reasons for this was that indigenous peoples had no other choice but to resist. Had their resistance been sustained, they could have drawn power from other indigenous populations in the heart of America. For this reason, Europeans rushed toward the "Wild West" with unfathomable brutality, completely eliminating any chance for these populations to regroup.

We had mentioned that there were similarities between the expansion strategy that the Israelis pursued when seizing Palestinian lands and their annexation policies, and the European colonies' land rush toward the Wild West in America. It is extremely significant to emphasize these similarities, but the contempt toward the original owners of the land is even more jarring in this case. I especially want to use the term “indigenous peoples,” because Western media omit the aspect of land-based expansion and enlargement by emphasizing the perception that this is a “religious war.” Colonies had dominated the region by forming alliances with the indigenous peoples at times, but this did not spare the natives who were part of the alliance from suffering the same fate as the others. For Europeans,  discrepancies between indigenous peoples were insignificant. As long as the indigenous peoples tapped into the region, they continued to be a problem for the settlers. It is possible to view Israeli hatred and disdain from this perspective.

Israel will not want to put an end to this. It hides its thirst for land under the guise of its propaganda that its religious and national existence is being threatened. Western Europeans and American colonialists fully support this propaganda. Because they also benefit from the Israelis’ expansion strategy at the expense of the region. We can even go as far as to say that Israelis act on their behalf. A lot of emphasis was placed on the fact that lasting results were not achieved in the region during the Crusades, and a series of deductions were drawn about the present day. This makes it necessary to examine the American experience, as I have tried to state. Our emphasis on Israel's expansion strategy and its hatred and disdain for the Palestinians is not based on unfounded sentimentality.

We can approach the Palestinian resistance from the same perspective. Exactly a century has passed since the Balfour Declaration and the end of the reign of the Ottoman Empire. Israelis moved to Palestine under the British mandate. For thirty years, the Israeli population had steadily increased amid a sea of indigenous Palestinian Muslims. Then the state of Israel was established. It continued to implement a strategy of expansion and enlargement, as its population constantly increased. But Palestinians did not stop resisting. The support lended to Israel by the world’s most powerful states such as Britain, France and the U.S. was unconditional. 

On the other hand, in countries like Turkey, even individual support to Palestinians by far-sighted individuals like the late Nuri Pasha was not tolerated. The bombing assassination of Nuri Pasha, the conqueror of Baku, was a sign of this intolerance. In spite of this, the resistance put up by the Palestinians was not stifled because they were tapping into the region’s support. This only goes to show that it is the region that will determine the outcome. Had they built a terror corridor stretching from the north of Iraq, passing through the north of Syria and reaching the Mediterranean, the region would have dissolved and Palestinian resistance would have been shattered.

Palestine is resisting on behalf of  the whole region.

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Palestine is resisting on behalf of the whole Muslim world
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