The trust people on Arab streets have in Turkey

Turkey’s moral stance and military power have become important fundamentals for the resolution of the Syrian issue. Turkey is the only country that has brought the streets of the Middle East to life again. The fact that president Erdoğan is the only leader who has an extended influence over the streets was a subject of criticism even in Turkey. There were some people who stated that this is against Turkey’s interests. According to them, it is politically unreal that the people whose leaders we are fighting have ties of affection toward us. Because this causes disengagement between Turkey and those countries. However, on the contrary, the standing point created by Turkey in the Syrian issue is a result of the relations Turkey established with the people. We can explain this with the notion of confidence. Syrian people, independent of their leader, have confidence in Turkey. The security provided in the cities under Turkey’s administration is not just important for Syrian people. Especially in the international sphere, Turkey’s attitude is seen as a legitimate example. We should note that this constitutes a serious example of how to solve similar problems that may be encountered in different parts of the world.

It is not meaningful to expect to achieve the secure environment Turkey provided in the streets through another method. Many people may not remember what it was like a century ago. However, a vast region from Aleppo to Jerusalem was part of a single state. There were many intellectuals who believed in the same cause such as Emir Şekip Arslan and Mustafa Kamil Pasha. However, we lost a great war and the Western imperialism took over the cities we were forced to abandon. If even a country like us is forced to struggle with dependent structures like the Fetullah Terorrist Organization (FETÖ), we can rule that the dependent structures in the countries that we have brought to life are even more powerful.

I guess, just because we are the country that brought the streets to life, they want to carry out a perception operation regarding the Syrians who took refuge in our country. It is not a romantic idea to dream that Syrians who live in Turkey today will shape our geography which was divided 100 years ago. Turkey not only makes sure that the region will not be divided again, but it also comes up with ways to resolve the sociological and political problems. By providing a secure environment, the moral and military standing point becomes more meaningful. However, through the Syrians, who took shelter in Turkey, they try to render the solutions meaningless.

It is only natural that Turkey provides shelter not only for the Arabs and Turkmens of Syria but also for the Kurds who act together with it! We know that even the non-Muslims living in the region trust Turkey. We can go on and even claim the following: Western imperialism, being aware of Turkey’s uniting power, wanted to stop Turkey in Syria through FETÖ and other dependent structures. We cannot otherwise explain why the Syrian affiliate of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK), the PYD, has become such a useful dependent structure. It is the same center that brings these two useful dependent terror tools together. We thus clarify that this is not an issue arising from ethnic concerns.

The example of Syria is very meaningful for our geography. Streets are livening up as Turkey turn toward Manbij and east of Euphrates River. FETÖ, Daesh and the PKK/PYD terror group are all terror tools. The U.S., Britain, France, and Israel drag Syria into a catastrophe by using them. However, as the impact of these terror tools has been wearing off, new actors started to be a part of this process. One hundred years ago, the Ottomans were trying to convince the Arab tribes to join them. Today, the same tribes are looking for ways to cooperate with Turkey. The secure environment Turkey created with its moral stance and military strength is the most important factor that led to this pursuit. However, we shouldn’t underestimate the great experience Western imperialism gained in the Middle East. They have been active in this region for over one hundred years. Not counting the preparation phase.

We are also observing some activity inside Turkey. These are important in terms of the deep relations established in Turkey and the region by countries like the U.S., Britain, France, and Israel. We have experienced the effects of some of these deep relations and saw what they are. As Turkey’s influence in the region grows these emerge. We can say that there is a great sensitivity developed in the minds of our people against such dependent structures. This sensitivity of our people is very important the process of the region’s revival.


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