The dirty hands of the US, Israel and Crown Prince Salman

Those who argue that Turkey is not at the center of the world and that it does not revolve around us, those saying we need to approach the events taking place from different angles are wrong. The literal meaning of the sentence is correct; the world does not revolve around us, and its figurative meaning is also partly correct. It is a wrong attitude to think that the world only revolves around our immediate surroundings. However, including the brutal murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi, if the matter is the events in which Turkey was directly targeted, then, unfortunately, the world revolves around Turkey.

Countries like the U.S., Britain, France and Israel are shaping the geography we are in for their own interests. What we have been experiencing in the context of the Fetullah Terrorist Organization (FETÖ) is very important in terms of understanding what is going on around us. The countries we have mentioned here recruited FETÖ to use it as an instrument to shape our geography. Turkey assumed its attitude against this structure from the beginning by perceiving the detriment it may cause our country, but foreign powers had been continuously protecting the anti-national and non-religious elements. Especially the period following the coup of Sept. 12, 1980, the collapse of the Soviet Union and the post-modern coup of Feb. 28, 1997 the terrorist organization has reached an unapproachable power. Despite all this, the state had not much to do against it. That is why, those who recruited FETÖ cut the last connections of the members of the organization with Turkey, Islam and Turkishness together with the December 17-25 events and the MIT (National Intelligence Organization) trucks scandal.

The power FETÖ consolidated within the state made it easier for them to cover some of their crimes. However, the December 17-25 events and the MIT trucks scandal were unforgivable crimes and there was no going back anymore. As a matter of fact, FETÖ terrorists had quickly started to leave the country. At that time, we also tried to point out that these two incidents were happening to cut FETÖ terrorists’ last ties with Turkey. We need to see the harm done to Turkey with July 15 coup and invasion attempt from this perspective. However, what needs to be taken into account the most is that the rift that the U.S. and Israel are trying to create via FETO terrorists in the north of Iraq and Syria. The instability they want to create in Eastern and Southeastern Anatolia and the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) “state” they want to establish in the north of Syria and Iraq are different parts of the same context. The terror cells of FETÖ played an active role in this process.

It is necessary to remind the developments that took place in the process of the brutal murder of Jamal Khashoggi. U.S. President Donald Trump gave the Saudi government 15 days to live in an environment they were not present, and it was not clear whom he was targeting. After the vicious murder took place, Trump is now making his best moves to save Saudi Arabian Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman (MBS). Israel expressed its discomfort about the “smearing campaign” for the exact same person. Trump’s son-in law Jared Kushner also keenly stepped forward to save MBS. Since they were successful in covering up the crimes previously committed, they established an absolute dominance over MBS. In that way, Saudi Arabia as a state would become a useful tool in the hands of power centers in the U.S. and in Israel.

This way, we can also explain the Egyptian coup that happened around the same time with the Gezi events. Those who came to power have lengthy criminal records. After Abdel Fattah el-Sisi succeeded in his coup attempt, Germany, France, the U.S. and Britain were literally competing with each other to sustain the new administration of Egypt. The fact that they hastily signed deals worth billions of dollars is because the new government was brought to power by using its criminal records. What makes the parallel of the good relations established by the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Saudi Arabia and Egypt with Israel-- thus moving away from the Palestinian cause-- and FETÖ’s July 15 coup and invasion attempt and the PKK-PYD terror corridor meaningful is that these processes were managed by “foreign powers.”

Jamal Khashoggi’s vicious murder at the Saudi consulate of Istanbul will force MBS and therefore Saudi Arabia to absolute obedience. The FETÖ and Sisi examples are explanatory for that matter.

We don’t know who followed the activities of Jamal Khashoggi and disclosed them to the press. We don’t even know if his activities were driven by someone. However, we can rule that the newsfeed about the poor journalist’s activities was regularly provided.

While the U.S. and Israel got their recruited actors in the region involved in crimes, thus making those actors dependent on them, Turkey’s intervention which suddenly reversed the flow of events created a completely different political ground.

The U.S. and Israel are being mentioned as powers who are in the center of this brutal murder. Just like in the case of Sisi, all the Western European countries were in connection with MBS. They were designing new projects for our geography. Up until yesterday, Trump’s son-in law and the crown prince were like two peas in a pod making plans about the future of our geography.

Just like FETÖ’s concealed crimes, the crimes these people and these countries committed are innumerable. However, they got away with them by associating Muslims with terrorism. The crimes the U.S. committed in Afghanistan are countless. It is also the case for the First and Second Gulf wars. However, they were successful in taking these crimes off the agenda thanks to the conditions of those days. We all know the names of those journalists from Turkey who tried to hide the murders committed in that prison. However, now the dirty hands of U.S. and Israel are apparent.

Turkey is not at the center of the world and the world doesn’t revolve around us. We know that. However, many events which are taking place in our geography directly concern us. We cannot ignore Turkey’s efforts to eliminate the attacks coming from countries like the U.S., Britain, Germany, France and Israel by which they target us, in our geography.


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