The Gezi Park protests in France

What we had been through in June 2013 is a trauma for Turkey. When we consider the global developments, it is only natural that we are still under the effects of this trauma. Of course, we see the demonstrations which ransacked France within this framework. The Gezi Park events, which shook Turkey to its core, was plotted to nullify the attempt to break off from the U.S-centered world which was established after 1945.

Turkey was brought on the brink of extinction with the Feb. 28 coup process. It had to make a choice. Turkey made a choice in 2002 and showed that it doesn’t support the pro-American political order. What made it possible to suppress the Gezi Park protests, was the fact that we had already taken up our position against the global hegemony. Egypt couldn’t be successful, because the new government did not have enough experience. Right after the Gezi protests, a coup was orchestrated in Egypt, and Cairo handed over its strings to the West.

Both in the developments that shook Turkey from its foundations and the overthrowing of the democratically-elected government of Egypt with a coup, the American intervention was so clear that there was no room for doubt. The news that Sisi sent a plaque to schools of the Fetullah Terrorist Organization (FETÖ) to thank them for their support in the coup process was not surprising at all.

France and Germany gave complete support to the interventions of the U.S. which would make Turkey and Egypt completely ineffective and subjugate them. Both France and Germany were not satisfied with just supporting U.S., but assumed active roles in the efforts to destabilize Turkey and Egypt as well. We don’t know when France and Germany will go into an internal feud regarding the policies they followed then, but we can say that both countries made themselves vulnerable against the U.S. The roots of the pro-American order, which were established after 1945, is much deeper in these countries. Germany and France acted faster than the U.S. in establishing relations with Sisi’s junta government. Maybe Nietzsche’s prediction about Europe was coming true.

Nicholas Sarkozy wanted to revive the imperialist legacy by carrying Islamophobia in France to another level. France, which saw nothing wrong in following policies to make the U.S. and Israel much stronger in North Africa and Syria, did not come up against the Muslim world with a new idea. It did not hesitate to trample on the mesmerizing ideals it created with the French war before the entire world. When Macron arrived in Istanbul for the four-country summit, he could not go beyond repeating what Trump said about the fragile peace environment in Syria which was established by Turkey and Russia. This attitude displayed by Macron was enough to form an idea about the ambivalence of France. Of course, it is our right to remind France about the Gezi Park protests, which did not go beyond taking advantage of the situation against the policies of the U.S., Israel and Britain to create chaos in the Muslim world again, and which continues its existence depending on these counties. It doesn’t matter whether there is any benefit in reminding them about this or not.

The crown princes of Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, bin Salman and bin Zaid, who volunteered to set fire to the Muslim world under the leadership of the U.S., Britain, and Israel were cornered badly after the murder of Saudi journalist Khashoggi. These two snobs had no legitimacy. The developments that were taking place in Paris drew the attention of the international community away from these two for a while. The U.S. and Israel are ready to sacrifice anything to save these two princes.

The fact that France has no identity and its desire to accomplish its imperialist aims under the shadow of the U.S. and Israel also bring with it the inability to produce new policies. We should not be surprised that the classical ideologies of France defined the yellow vests as the new barbarians. Turkey’s pro-Western opinion leaders also seem indifferent to the developments. Things are not going well for them. The French demonstrators could have been “good boys,” but the time is not moving the way they want it to. Unfortunately the West is going to have a harsh clash within itself. We should not be underestimating the worries that the mesmerizing ideas of the enlightenment philosophers will remain in history. They are running out of supplies.

However, Turkey warned them. The world is greater than five is not a simple claim. The West and the East should act together for a more just and livable world.


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