The US and Britain are like vultures encroaching upon Venezuela’s wealth - SELÇUK TÜRKYILMAZ

The US and Britain are like vultures encroaching upon Venezuela’s wealth

The U.S. and Britain have encroached upon all of Venezuela’s money and wealth. What America and Britain have done is: they have pocketed the wealth of an entire country with their endless greed. It is not very hard to find an excuse for them; of course, they are going to give reasons for their theft. Since there are people who give support to the policy, which is far from being moral, that the U.S. is following in this issue by using Maduro as an excuse, they are going to legitimize this gold theft with some excuses as well.

There are some people who have reduced the U.S. intervention in Venezuela to a personal issue between two individuals like Maduro and Trump. Countries such as Iraq, Libya, Algeria, Yemen, and Egypt have also fell victim through their leaders before. Some circles that are known for their pro-American stance are trying to present the U.S. and Britain as parties of a legitimate side in a reasonable struggle under the disguise of neutrality. Unfortunately, many people prefer to be on the side of the wolf and choose to warn the sheep not to muddy the waters anymore. However, by going as far as to pocket the gold of Venezuela, the U.S. and Britain have waged a new type of war against it.

We are witnessing an interesting polarization in Turkey. We experienced another polarization between the left and the right during the Cold War era. Roughly speaking, the right aligned with the U.S. and the left aligned with Soviet Russia. The criticism of this rough description leads us to striking conclusions about the issue. However, we can say that the camp which was defeated at the end of the First World War is making a comeback. The camp that has been captivated within the right is starting a fight under the umbrella of conservatism against another newly organizing camp. The “One Minute” incident was a turning point. The regional problems and Turkey’s compelling policies had been forcing these groups to make a choice. Today, the compelling policies Turkey is developing against global problems are revealing these groups’ choices.

Britain got into the habit of stealing gold from other countries during its colonialist and imperialist ages. The colonial empires like Spain and Portugal used to steal valuable metals like gold and silver from Latin American countries, and while transporting these stolen metals, Britain would steal them from Spanish and Portuguese ships. Eduardo Galeano tells us about the harsh working conditions of the locals of Latin America under European rule in his book “Open Veins of Latin America.” I certainly recommend you read it, especially during these days. Britain also stole the ships we paid for right before the outbreak of World War I. The word “confiscation” would make it sound politer. But we are talking about robbery being conducted in broad daylight here.

The Americans have started to consider that Turkey is on the enemy front since it is supporting the people of Venezuela in this case. A theory defended by many is being proven in this way: the global international institutions have collapsed, and we are living in an age where superpowers are the determining factor in interstate relations. The U.S. is using its power as a tool to threaten and pressure other states. Until a new order is established, no one will even mention complying with the law.

The administrative problems of Venezuela concern the people of Venezuela alone. They might be going through good or bad times, but this could be an important experience in their political history. The U.S., Britain and the European countries all have a bad colonial and imperial reputation. It seems that they don’t even want to see the establishment of an alternative model. They want to punish others by imposing sanctions and embargos. Thus, they create conflict between the people and their governments and later use it as an excuse.

The U.S. and Britain have greatly disappointed those who were focusing on the mistakes of the Maduro administration. They were hoping to enjoy chatting about the administrative mistakes of the Maduro government. However, the fact that they “encroached upon Venezuela’s wealth” ruined their plans. The U.S., Britain, Spain, and France showed everyone that they are seriously going after Venezuela’s gold. Unfortunately, this is a systemic attitude. They don’t even want to see the formation of islets of alternatives in different corners of the world. Now, we can claim that since they find support in the countries they target, there will be heavy pressure on different political identities.

Turkey made its choice. The divergence revealed with the “One minute incident” wasn’t for nothing. It is obvious that it had an important political meaning. It wasn’t also for nothing that the notions “national” and “local” gained value in Turkey.


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