Turkey’s Syria intervention east of the Euphrates River - SELÇUK TÜRKYILMAZ

Turkey’s Syria intervention east of the Euphrates River

When we read what has been written on Turkey’s policies in Syria, we feel as if we are face-to-face with a story of failure. Some even presented what has been going on after Trump’s declaration to withdraw U.S. troops as developments that are going to worry Turkey. On the contrary, the statements from the U.S. side are related to the successes of Turkey, starting from the Jarablus operation to the operations in Afrin and Idlib. Turkey, especially in Afrin, fought against NATO. It is not accurate to limit the U.S.’s choice of the PKK/PYD terror organization to the developments in the north of Syria alone. This choice of the U.S. is an improved form of past policies of Britain in the region. While Britain laid the foundations for Israel in 1917, 100 years later the U.S again wanted to redraw the maps of our region, of which Israel is at the center. Turkey put an end to this dream, however, there are some people even in Turkey who couldn’t stomach this success.

After Trump’s declaration that U.S troops will withdraw from Syria, the negative statements coming from Britain, France, and Israel were noteworthy. These three countries hoped to obtain great benefits from the alliance of the U.S., Israel, France and Britain. It wasn’t for nothing that Turkey described this alliance as a “Crusader Alliance.” Moreover, it wasn’t for nothing that ringleader of the Fetullah Terrorist Organization (FETÖ), Fetullah Gülen, was praising these crusaders during those days. This was an accurate description, but the ringleader of the terrorist organization had been perturbed by it. The U.S. thus declared that it doesn’t care much about the interests of the other three countries. It isn’t also for nothing that an official from the United Arab Emirates (UAE) invoked a British spirit in his séance right after the U.S.’s decision. Even this séance is enough to prove that the developments in our country and the region are not going in the direction the West wants.

Certain circles within Turkey tried to blind the country in the Syrian context. We have little information about the active duties of FETÖ in this process. We know that they want to stop Turkey in Syria since the National Intelligence Organization (MIT) trucks scandal instigated by FETÖ. However, we don’t have exact information regarding who assumes an active role in this mission to stop Turkey. The FETÖ issue showed us that there is more than just one organization and more than just one person who establishes a relationship of dependency between us and the West. Those who work to stop and blind Turkey in Syria might be waiting for some actors to return to the stage. However, when that happens, things will get harder for Turkey. Unfortunately, that’s what they are also expecting to happen.

Turkey has been following such an extremely humanitarian policy that it cannot even be compared to the other actors in Syria. Of course, Turkey’s successes in Syria comes from this moral stance. As I mentioned above, the Euphrates Shield and Olive Branch operations gave made Turkey’s moral stance on the ground more significant. The determination of our soldiers is beyond any appreciation. This moral policy and the military’s determination are pulling local people living in northern Syria to Turkey’s side. This, of course, means building trust for permanent regulations to be made.

Who is inviting Britain, who is appealing to France, who is trying to establish close relations between the Arabs and the sons of Israel? These questions may point to the complicated relations in our region, but it especially points to Turkey’s deeply-rooted impact in our region. Turkey has become an even stronger actor after it strengthened its policies based on moral principles with its military’s determination. The fact that this is causing discomfort inside and outside the country demonstrates nothing but the deep relations established against the region. Their discomfort shouldn’t worry us. Because, in reality, it is obvious that they are trying to prevent the intervention east of the Euphrates River and the permanent solution Turkey will bring to Syria.

There will be some people who will find the last sentence assertive and will therefore mock it. However, we have seen that such an attitude doesn’t accomplish anything. Turkey came to today by eliminating all the dependent and interceptive structures. After establishing unity between policies based on moral principles and the military, the successes gained and the environment of trust established will, of course, have an impact on the east of Euphrates as well. The increasing dynamism on the social level we are observing today demonstrates this.


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