The West using Afghan civilians as target practice - SELÇUK TÜRKYILMAZ

The West using Afghan civilians as target practice

Australian Chief of General Staff Angus Campbell confessed that the Australian military used civilians in Afghanistan for target practice, that they ruthlessly, willingly and knowingly killed them, and apologized to the Afghan people. Altering Campbell’s speech to reflect the truth, considering it was toned down, we can thus observe brutality of the new Crusader Attack period. Similar confessions had previously emerged from Germany. German troops had also treated the Afghan people atrociously. In fact, in 2010, German President Horst Köhler saw no concern in declaring that they had invaded Afghanistan for their trade interests. Over time, certain reports were published regarding the crimes the U.S., Germany, the U.K., and other Western state armies committed in Afghanistan. However, we must accept that the truth cannot be revealed in detail, and that it is possible only to have an inkling about the dimensions of the actual murders through educated guesses.

They invaded Afghanistan and closed it off to the world. Thus, through Campbell’s confession, the truth is valuable not only because it says something to the Muslim world but to all of humanity.

Then-President Köhler’s statement will allow us to comprehend the last three decades, which have left a mark on East-West relations. By the 1990s, colonialism was largely eliminated in the Turkic and Muslim world. Considering the post-Soviet eta, it became possible to build a new formation with Russia. The Soviets collapsed and the invasion in Afghanistan ended, revealing a Turkic world that spread through an extremely vast area. Following this, the U.S. invaded Iraq together with Western countries, and then after Sept. 11, 2001, it invaded Afghanistan. If we recall the Big Game and Oriental Question concepts, it will be clear that the countries invaded were not arbitrary. The new era of imperialism was justified by branding it as the “fight against radical Islam.” French, German and American intellectuals guiding the world in the name of Western values sided with the armies which committed the murders Australian Chief of General Staff Angus Campbell confessed. Colonial intelligentsia and politicians also saw no harm in mentioning the Muslim world’s despair, its lack of care for science. Whether consciously or not, they all prevented these crimes from being uncovered.

In saying that they were not aware, we are obviously taking into consideration the safety margin. When the murders the U.S. committed in Iraq after 2003 started to be discussed in our media, liberal intellectuals had kicked up a row saying, “There is no evidence.” They did everything in their power to whitewash American atrocities. We were able to hear of the murders committed in Afghanistan through confessions only. Those who have been justifying the results of the crimes committed in the region spanning Algeria and Afghanistan for the last three decades through cliché concepts such as the Muslim world’s backwardness, and its lack of interest in science, have a Euro-centric perception. They have nothing more to say about our lands.

French President Emmanuel Macron, who is making statements along the same vein a decade after Köhler, needs to be well understood. According to him, Russia and Turkey are making misleading statements about the new forms of colonialism in former colonial communities. Turkey revealed that Macron’s France is present in Africa and Asia for those very same purposes. The West’s spell has been broken. The disgraces of colonialism and imperialism are starting to be revealed. That we are aware of these disgraces is important, yet their real results will be revealed in former colonial communities. This is what disturbs Macron.

President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan presents a new belief in the Turkic and Islamic world as well as in all colonial communities. We may be furious about those like former Parliament Speaker Bülent Arınç relying on U.S. President-elect Joe Biden. However, when we consider this calmly, we can see that those standing against us are classic colonial intelligentsia, and mandate politics losers who are trying to sell everything they have. One of them had even served as prime minister; he disgracefully rushed to Paris to join the condolence march, thinking he would be praised. It becomes clearer in time that they have turned their backs against our region. They too have a Eurocentric worldview.

They placed everyday people on the target board so they can adapt to murdering. Is there anything worse than this? Then what radicalism are you yapping on about!


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