Where would EU leaders be celebrating if the July 15 coup attempt had succeeded? - SELÇUK TÜRKYILMAZ

Where would EU leaders be celebrating if the July 15 coup attempt had succeeded?

In my last column, I mentioned that Egypt was in self-denial by executing nine young Egyptian men and other innocents; I also said that, had the Fetullah Terrorist Organization (FETÖ) been successful, Turkey’s identity would also have been stripped away. We concluded our column by stressing the significance of Turkey’s “perpetuity.”

There is no problem in underestimating those who underestimate the matter of perpetuity. In the same column, we defined Egypt and Israel as polar opposites. We also defined this contrast as a necessary outcome of the structural reality. Those who try to establish their influence over our region wanted to pacify Egypt and Turkey, and thus strip away the identities of two important centers of resistance in the region. This is an inescapable issue for those who try to reestablish their influence in this region. Because Egypt and Turkey were the two centers of power, which were able to resist against the Mongolian invasions and Crusades. The fact that European leaders met in Egypt’s Sharm al-Sheikh after the executions show how important Egypt is. As you know, modern European values were created to cover up colonial policies and a possible reaction from their own people against the massacres they commit. This is the point from which the idea to bring civilization to certain countries was born. However, we are living in such a period that even those days have become ancient history for Europe. The Sharm al-Sheikh meeting shows the importance of the process we are going through. That is why we underestimate those who underestimate the matter of perpetuity. Because Turkey is a center of power that is capable of showing more resistance than Egypt.

The execution of the nine young innocent men also shows what was waiting for Turkey if the July 15 coup attempt had succeeded. There are many people who still see EU countries and the U.S. from a positive point of view for the future of the Turkic and Muslim world. It is not surprising anymore to see that people from conservative backgrounds constitute the majority of this group. It is significant that the EU leaders visited Egypt and shook hands with President Sisi just around the time when nine young Egyptians were being executed. There they demonstrated that they approve of the executions and the junta regime in general. They didn’t also say a single word against FETÖ’s failed coup attempt in Turkey on July 15. They must have thought that the coup was going to be successful. Some conservative writers also insist that there is no global attack against Turkey. However, there were global attacks or interventions, and these are still intense and continuing. As Turkey shakes off tutelage every other day, it is being subjected to new interventions, and it seems that this is going to continue for a long time. We can understand the gravity of the situation of July 15 from the execution of the innocent people in Egypt and the Sharm al-Sheikh meeting. As you know, Sharm al-Sheikh is a touristic city and a holiday destination. It is meaningful that they were in a celebratory mood.

We can explain why Turkey or President Erdoğan affixes such importance to the fight against FETÖ through what happened to Egypt or any other country in our region. What happened in Iraq, Syria, and Egypt was also planned for Turkey. We have seen enough of this on the night of July 15. Neither Turkey as a state nor Erdoğan as a leader can make the fight against FETÖ insignificant. The ones who claim otherwise are only making those claims because they are incapable of understanding the process. FETÖ is not a simple case of infiltration. They threatened the existence of the state and the people, and this threat still exists. It will continue to be so as long as Turkey doesn’t surrender.

The fact that European leaders went to Egypt so carelessly shows how corrosive the global struggle is. They were acting with the comfort of bringing civilization in the 20th century. Unfortunately, this argument was also widely accepted by post-colonial societies. Now, we can say that that system was subjected to a great transformation. We now know that the post-colonial era has ended. Opinion leaders, intellectuals, negotiators, pro-alliance groups, ideologists, and NGO agencies of the post-colonial era couldn’t see this great transformation coming. They made their choice by supporting their usual masters. We understand that they still haven’t given up on them.

Since Turkey has been aware of this transformation for a long time, it wanted to regulate its relations with the West. We should interpret the time when the state mind and, of course, Erdoğan started to see and present FETÖ as a real threat and initiated the fight against it from various perspectives. Because in these dates and preferences we can see today’s codes. Deciphering these codes is very important in terms of understanding the future.


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