Why was Turkish mob boss Sedat Peker so perturbed by weapons sent to Syrian Turkmens?

Israel has absolutely no hesitations when killing Palestinian children. If you remember, Erdoğan’s “one minute” outburst in 2009 was also a powerful objection to Israel’s savage attitude towards Palestinian children. President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, Turkey’s prime minister at the time, said Israel ruthlessly killed children playing on the beach, showing the country’s support for Palestine’s legitimate resistance. This critically shook Turkey’s relations with the West as anti-Turkey sentiment surfaced among the European public, political circles, and decision mechanisms. The year 2009 should be noted as a milestone. The economic collapse in 2008 needs to be explained in connection to much more dynamic historic circumstances. They wanted to invade the Muslim region, but they failed to achieve their goal despite the great damage that was incurred.

 Whenever the topic of Palestinian children and civilians is brought up, Israel continues to point to Palestinian resistance groups as a justification. According to them, it is the resistance groups trying to stop Israel’s colonialist expansionism that are responsible for deaths of Palestinian children; if there is no Palestinian resistance, then Israel will not be compelled to kill. Israel knows that this approach will find a response amongst the Western public. This approach, which goes back to the colonialist periods, is indicative of Western arrogance. If the indigenous peoples had surrendered instead of showing resistance, children would not have been killed, like in the case of Canada. This is perhaps why the killing of 215 indigenous Canadian children at residential schools failed to draw attention.

 The open attacks by Fetullah Terrorist Organization (FETÖ) members on Turkey started after Erdogan’s “one minute” outburst. They were an extension of the change in the West. They tried every trick in the book over the years to take control over Turkey from within. True, they did make progress. However, as they were unable to grasp the significance of the indigenous and national nature of our institutions, they could not achieve their final goal, despite their successful invasion. The indigenous and national nature of the institutions was enough to stop them. There is no harm at all in comparing FETÖ’s July 15 shooting of the public, without thinking twice, to Israel’s behavior. They too are unable to tolerate local and national resistance. Hence, FETÖ members physically stopped Turkey’s National Intelligence Organization (MİT) trucks, and stopped the delivery of weapons to Syrian Turkmens and legitimate opposition groups. As a result, a greater number of children and citizens were killed in Syria.

 It must be not be forgotten that the great exodus and massacres in Syria happened after the MİT trucks were prevented from reaching their destination. Following this event “Aleppo fell.” Yet, FETÖ terrorists knew they had a response among the Western public. According to them, any self-defense displayed by local resistance groups is an unforgivable crime. Turkey was guilty because it openly declared its support for Syrian Turkmens and the legitimate opposition groups. The goal was to end this support. Research on the identities of those trying to end Turkey’s support will reveal the extent of the West’s colonialist expansionism in our region. They wanted to wipe out the population of a whole country, but despite everything, Turkey managed to prevent this from happening.

 The “foreign powers” deployed in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) striking Turkey in the same place years later is quite telling. This mafia leader is similarly trying to find a response from the Western public. The history of European and U.S. colonialism needs to be analyzed well. These events, which seem to have happened centuries ago, have ensured the world’s wellfare in accordance with the birth of liberalism. Globalism is also a product of expansionism, and the whole world is reaping its benefits. According to them, we should be grateful for European colonialism. Legitimate indigenous resistance groups’ struggle is “fundamentally wrong.” As Israel brought agricultural development, industry, science and democracy to its region, it should be considered an authority. Erdoğan’s “one minute” outburst is an unforgivable offense, and hence, there is no sense in discussing any imaginary factor such as “foreign powers.”

 The UAE is as state structure inherited from colonialist periods. This structure can be considered an upper stage of the networked dependent structures. Mob boss Sedat Peker, who sought refuge in the UAE, is acting in accordance with FETÖ claims and those of the dependent organizations in our region. This is important in terms of identifying the atmosphere Turkey is in. They are all furious about legitimate indigenous resistance groups.

 Turkey’s inclusion of dependent organizations such as the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK), FETÖ and Daesh in the same category is significant. The conservative opposition is another group that relied on the mafia leader’s claim. Because they are also furious about the legitimate resistance in Syria, as well as the rest of the region.

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Why was Turkish mob boss Sedat Peker so perturbed by weapons sent to Syrian Turkmens?
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