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Behind the scenes

As soon as he said he was considering to run for president, he was deported by the United Arab Emirates (UAE), where he was held as a “guest.” However, this looked more like “cargo delivery to an address” than an ordinary deportation process: When th... more

Who is stirring up trouble in Iran?

The 1000-page archive document that was published by the U.S. State Department last June revealed for the first time, with all its details, the role that the CIA played in the toppling of the Iranian Prime Minister Mohammad Mosaddegh in 1953.  This l... more


The photograph we have probably seen the most since last week belongs to the two-year old Syrian baby Karim Abdurrahman. The world’s collective conscience mobilized for Karim who lost both his mother and his left eye in the bombardment by the forces ... more

How did Esad become Esed?

You undoubtedly followed the events of Russian President Vladimir Putin’s visit to Syria last week. For days, the media blasted footage of Bashar al-Assad being blocked by a Russian commander after he wanted to walk with Putin at the Khmeimim base, a... more

Dead end

Immediately after the death of Abdulaziz, the founding king of Saudi Arabia, in 1953, Saud bin Abdulaziz, his eldest son, took the throne, and an unrelenting power struggle with his brother Faisal bin Abdulaziz commenced. Saud, who took the throne at... more


The Nov. 6 headline in an article published in Al-Akhbar, one of Lebanon’s leading newspapers, consisted of a single word: Hostage. The front page featured a full-length photograph of the country’s resigned Prime Minister Saad al-Hariri and right acr... more

The world’s only hijab-wearing president

City-state Singapore located in South East Asia with a population of 5.5 million elected its first female president in the past few days. When her two rivals Farid Khan and Salleh Marican were excluded from the competition by the Supreme Electoral Co... more

That which they call an award

Certain awards reputable globally are actually each a simple reflection of political and international relations’ agendas. The Nobel Peace Prize given every year since 1901 – with the exception of a few minor disruptions – is one such example. Despit... more

War, famine, cholera ... What’s next?

According to the official statement made by the World Health Organization (WHO) a few days ago, the the cholera epidemic’s death toll in Yemen, which has been effective ever since the end of April, is about to reach 2,000. While it is estimated that ... more

The king walking on a tightrope

Jordan’s Hashimi Kingdom, which has control over Masjid al-Aqsa administration and the Islamic foundations in Jerusalem as a result of a series of agreements reached with Israel, has recently been going through the most intense of days. Amman is maki... more

Not possible to escape Jerusalem

What we are witnessing in the Middle East is an issue not only of regional and international politics, but also of the history of religions, as it has been for many centuries. In this context, with references to the present versions of the sacred tex... more

Al-Khalil ticking like a bomb

We are in al-Khalil after a 40-minute journey through the flashy and well-kept neighborhoods of West Jerusalem. A Palestinian city with a population of about 250,000, named after “Khalil,” Prophet Ibrahim’s epithet cited in verse 125 of Surah an-Nisa... more

"Never again,” but how?

"Those were terrible days. There was no electricity and water. We were in winter and each day the bombing continued. Everywhere was filled with the dead and injured. When his mother abandoned him as soon as she gave birth, we, the hospital staff, emb... more