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Cease-fire in Syria and the thoughts it spurs

Finally after six years of war and hundreds of thousands of deaths, the much-awaited cease-fire has been signed. Putting aside the controversies in the details and some of the groups not participating in the cease-fire, Russia and Turkey seem to have... more

Jerusalem is still waiting for us

Like many things that take long, invasions also become normal. The most disturbing result of this is that there is no energy or enthusiasm to do something to fix the situation. This is also the reason why the occupation and terrorization policy Israe... more

'May you be merry, oh city of Aleppo'

One of the most significant outcomes of the Arab Spring was the re-awakening of the Shiite-Sunni conflict that had been asleep for centuries. To prevent the Shiite Bashar Assad regime from toppling, Iran pushed the Shiite militia forward, claiming th... more

On Ikhwan's likelihood of changing

The question I come across most at conferences and seminars where I talk about Egypt and the Muslim Brotherhood Movement (Ikhwan) is, “Can a movement similar to the AK Party [Justice and Development Party] emerge from Ikwan?” This question is usually... more

If it was possible to turn back time

For the first time after things started to normalize between Israel and Turkey, President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan gave an interview to an Israeli television channel and made some very striking statements. Touching upon many topics that were related to b... more

Nothing Netanyahu does will change anything

While walking in the streets of Jerusalem, you suddenly come across a three-way sign. One points to Al-Aqsa Mosque, the other to Al-Qiyama Church and the last one to the Wailing Wall. It is like these three representatives of the three religions are ... more

Donald Trump: Hopes and facts

The most controversial and contentious election of modern U.S. history brought to power Donald Trump, a billionaire businessman with no experience in politics. Due to his inexperience, harsh rhetoric and unpredictable attitude, Trump aroused concern ... more

Issue of foreign fighters in Syria

The issue of foreign fighters who have joined the clashes in Syria is one of the most controversial aspects of the Syrian civil war, which has been ongoing since 2011. Syria Islamic Council Chairman Osama Rifai, who resides in Istanbul, recently said... more


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