One by one, they’re trying to get Ankara to back out of the S-400 deal!

The bandit state of America is trying to get Turkey to withdraw from its S-400 deal with Russia through various threats and blackmail.

The influence agents “on a special mission” in Turkey are taking stage to get Ankara to withdraw in accordance with U.S. interests.

If Ankara surrenders to the threats, blackmail or suggestions of the American State of Terror and its partners within the country and backtracks regarding the S-400s, it will make a terrible mistake.

Turkey cannot and must not surrender to any pressure, threats or blackmail on the path to protecting its right to sovereignty and its independence against the fascist, tyrant and cruel American state.

President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, who met with his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin on April 8 at the Kremlin, had said, “If we made a deal, it is done. This is our sovereignty right. Nobody can ask us to withdraw.”

Foreign Affairs Minister Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu saying, “We said many times that we will not withdraw from the S-400 [deal],” had stated that Ankara “closed the doors” to the U.S.’s demands/pressures concerning the S-400s.

These promises must be kept under all circumstances.

There should be no turning back on these determined decisions .

As the Russian state’s defense industry company Rosoboronexport announced it would be starting the delivery of the system to Turkey in July, the S-400 missile defense system must be integrated without any “delay.”


Apparently, “The U.S.’s priority in opposing Turkey’s purchase of S-400s is different; they see the S-400s as a security risk in terms of NATO,” et cetera.

It should never be forgotten that we have already been under fire for many years. As a matter of fact, we are under the “treacherous” fire of those identified by all politicians from past to present as “our friends and allies.”

So what, are we going to give up on our legitimate right to defense? Are we not going to protect our sovereignty?

Blackmail choir

As Turkey’s possession of the S-400s is going to negate U.S. terror investments in our region and spoil their plans, they are objecting to our missile system deal with Russia.

They continue to say, “If you annul the purchase of S-400s, we can give you the F-35 aircraft.”

The insolent David Satterfield, the new U.S. ambassador to Ankara, and many Evangelist senators, who wrote a joint article for The New York Times, joined in on the blackmail choir.


The S-400s are critical for Turkey.

Turkey urgently needs an air defense system that is “under its own control, and operates at its own will,” without the supervision of any state, primarily the U.S.

Turkey wanting to integrate the “air defense system” against threats that are likely to come from the East Mediterranean or from a vast area in the south is, without question, its right, and this matter can never be left to NATO/ the U.S., or any other state.

The Greek defense minister’s statement that the “S-400s will be putting pressure on military flights over the Aegean,” shows how panicked the U.S. puppet Greek state is.

This telling example alone is enough to show “how right” it is going to be for Turkey to purchase the S-400 missile system.

Panic within

It would be useful to take a look at “who” those panicking within, saying “Oh no, we are purchasing S-400s” are.

Retired Ambassador Şükrü Elekdağ said, “The U.S. wants us to make a choice between Russia and Washington,” warning that Ankara must certainly withdraw from the S-400 deal.

In an April 22, 2019 interview published in Hürriyet daily, former diplomat Sinan Ülgen implicitly suggests sending the S-400s to a third country, or to “find a way to withdraw from the missile deal without ruining relations with Russia.”

Retired ambassador and main opposition Republican People’s Party (CHP) deputy chair Ünal Çeviköz wrote an article on the S-400s that was published yesterday in Cumhuriyet daily, in which he literally is a mouthpiece for the U.S.

He complains that “the İncirlik Air Base, noted as one of the locations the S-400s are likely to be positioned, will become an intelligence nightmare for the U.S.” The same İncirlik base that aided and abetted the July 15 coup attempt in 2016!

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One by one, they’re trying to get Ankara to back out of the S-400 deal!
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