Trump ordered the coup in Venezuela!

TAMER KORKMAZ,  Tuesday 11:02, 29 January 2019

The Secretary of the Bully State, Mike Pompeo, declared that “In solidarity with the Venezuelan people and its respect for democracy the U.S. recognizes Juan Guaido as the interim President of Venezuela”.

Whenever the U.S., or the “Great Satan” talks about “democracy,” it either orchestrates a coup in the country it wants to invade or rain bombs on its cities!

For the U.S., “Democracy” is a notion merely used as smokescreen.

A democratically elected government in a country the U.S. has no control over or in a country it has lost its influence automatically becomes a target.

For the U.S., elections in any given country is legitimate as far as those elections “bring a pro-American government into power”!


“Coup” is synonymous with the U.S…

For the first time in 2009, an American President (Obama) had to confess that the CIA orchestrated a coup in Iran in 1953…

There were a series of coups carried out in Turkey starting from 27th of May 1960 to March 12, 1971, and from September 12, 1980 to February 28, 1997…

The e-memorandum on April 27, 2007; the Gezi events in 2013; the December 17-25 coup attempt; the failed coup and invasion attempt of 15th of July: The U.S. was behind all of these!

Sisi who toppled the democratically elected President of Egypt, Morsi, in 2013 was a putschist stooge of the U.S. (and Israel).

Trump ordered the coup!

The Bully State U.S., which has orchestrated many coups in Latin America to this day in countries such as Argentina, Nicaragua, Chile, and Panama, set its sights on Venezuela today…

Nicolas Maduro pointed out that “Even the Washington Post wrote that the order of the coup was given by President Trump to Guaido on the 22nd of January”!

The junta order of cowboys

Ronald Reagan, who started his career as a cowboy in Western Movies and later made it to the White House, was “blonde cowboy” Trump’s favorite president…

A book was published in the U.S. in 1969, 'and it was written by Mr. Edward Luttwak who served as advisor in two Reagan administrations, which can be defined as a “handbook for staging a coup” was published with the title “Bir Uzman’ın Gözüyle Darbe” in Turkey by Yaba Publishing House in 1996.

The very same Luttwak stated that FETÖ’s July 15 coup attempt failed because “it lacked strategy”. He was among those who were “disappointed” because it wasn’t successful!

The ultimatum of the putschist EU

In addition to the U.S., the terrorist state of Israel and the European Union are also supporting Juan Guaido; in other words, they are supporting a “coup” in Venezuela…

Maduro states that “the European states are hanging on Trump’s words in the Venezuelan issue and they are arrogantly giving an ultimatum to Venezuela”!

The prominent countries of the EU have given Venezuela eight days “to call for new elections”:

“Otherwise”, they say, “they are going to recognize Guaido as the legitimate President of Venezuela!”

Whichever way you look at it, there is no consistency here! President Maduro who got elected last May with 67 percent of the votes is illegitimate for the EU and the man the U.S. wants to declare as the President of Venezuela by means of a coup, Guaido, is legitimate!

It was again this shameless European Union which applauded the overthrow of the democratically elected President of Egypt, Morsi, by Sisi and had not raised any concerns about any elections at that time!

Well, what does it mean then? Among the criterions of the European Union, “supporting coup plotters” comes first! The EU/US/Israel supporters and fanatics from within supported Sisi’s coup in Egypt. They were disappointed when FETÖ’s coup attempt failed on July 15, 2016!

Those who infiltrated the country..

Nowadays, they are waiting for “the U.S. to topple Maduro’s government”…

Since Turkey is sincerely supporting Maduro in Venezuela; the idolaters of the West are going crazy!

The sleepwalkers…

I have quoted the terrifying words of Fethullah Gülen, during a talk held at “narrower framework” only a week before Uğur Mumcu’s assassination (January 17, 1993) in the Bozyaka Dormitory in İzmir:

That was information made public “for the first time” in 2014 by a doctor who was present during this talk, and who broke ranks with the Fetullahists in 1995 and had become a target for the Parallel State’s Police since.

The writer of this column has mentioned these issues so many times since 2014; moreover, he also wrote several times in his columns that “these are the words of a doctor who witnessed this talk”…

Later on, some fabled on a website and tried to question the writer of this column by implying that “he revealed it many years later”: Some people are sleepwalking! If you are journalists, where have you been for the “last five years”?

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