West shows its true colors by awarding Nobel prize to genocide denier

The Nobel Prize going to Peter Handke went into history as an unforgettable scandal symbolizing the West’s hypocrisy.

This “so-called author,” who was awarded by the Swedish Academy is an apologist for the Bosnian genocide.

He is also a fan of war criminal “Serbian Butcher” Slobodan Milosevic.


Whenever those slaughtered are Muslims, the West rubs hands and even awards the boot-lickers of those who butcher humans.

Were these hypocrites not supposed to give Nobel prizes to those who “serve humanity”?

Yet, through Handke, they gave it to oppressors, to those who slaughter humanity.

As a matter of fact, the Nobel was presented to racist and fascist Handke on “International Human Rights Day” – as if to mock the oppressed in all corners of the world, primarily our Bosnian brethren.

These are the true colors of the West, which the pro-West among us idolize.


Those who awarded the Nobel to Handke have, through this action, become partners of the Bosnian genocide.

In a sense, this award can also be considered a message to “encourage potential Milosevics” or “pave the way for new human slaughterers.”

The arts and culture camp has openly backed the rising racism and anti-Islam sentiment in the West.


Arakan Muslims faced a terrifying massacre in 2017 under the administration of Myanmar’s oppressive leader Aung San Suu Kyi, who received the Nobel Peace Prize in 1991.

The massacre of Muslims, the innocent showed the whole world Suu Kyi’s understanding of “peace.”

All demands to revoke the Nobel prize from the Myanmar leader were rejected by the Nobel committee.


U.S. former President Barack Obama receiving the Nobel Peace Award in 2009 is another example.

Even Obama was surprised to receive this prize in only his ninth month in office.

The Nobel Committee’s claim that “Obama deserved the award with the things he had done” was not convincing. What’s more, it was sort of like a “dark comedy” performance.

During “Nobel Peace Award”-holder Obama’s two-term presidency, blood-sucking Yankees intentionally shed the blood of countless civilians, innocent people, Muslims, particularly in Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria.

So, then, they awarded U.S. President Obama not for “what he did” but for “what he will do.”


We already long forgot that the “Nobel Peace Prize” was given in 2012 to the European (Terror) Union, which is, in fact, a “Christian club,” whose leaders waited hand and foot in front of the Pope in the Vatican.

“Only a year after” being considered worthy of the Nobel Peace Prize, the EU, which has been supporting the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) terrorist organization, saluted fascist Abdel-Fattah el-Sisi’s coup and massacres in Egypt.

The Nobel Prize-holder EU is continuing to support the PKK’s Syrian affiliate, the Democratic Union Party (PYD) and its armed wing, the People’s Protection Units (YPG) with all its cells.


In brief, this Nobel Committee has no Certificate of Good Conduct.

They showed their true face once again by giving an award to Austrian Handke, who is an apologist for the Bosnian genocide and boot-licker of the Serbian butchers.


Back in the time, Handke was given the “Order of the Serbian Knight” from war criminal Milosevic.

Serbian President Aleksandar Vučić also congratulated Handke for receiving the Nobel, and said, “Serbia sees you as its true friend. We feel like the award was received by one of us.”

So, what? Nothing has changed on the genocider Serbian front.

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West shows its true colors by awarding Nobel prize to genocide denier
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