A bad end is in store for these bandits! - TAMER KORKMAZ

A bad end is in store for these bandits!

Two weeks ago, he said, “We are going to pull out from Syria.” He repeated this declaration immediately after he said it. Yet, the previous day, he tweeted, “Get ready Russia, because they [the missiles] will be coming, nice and new and ‘smart!’”

It appears that he is confusing sending missiles with posting tweets.

This time, 40 minutes later, he posted a tweet saying, “Russia needs us to help with their economy, something that would be very easy to do, and we need all nations to work together. Stop the arms race?”

Then yesterday, he called out from his Twitter account saying, “Never said when an attack on Syria would take place. Could be very soon or not so soon at all!”

So? Shocking.

The U.S. president who makes conflicting statements in two weeks, who is never consistent with anything he says, who is able to make very different statements within 40 minutes even, who, in brief, quickly “got worn” in the White House, is shortly called, “Trump.”

What statement made by a “president” who says all this one after the other can you take seriously? Or, does this frantic person need to be immediately “taken under observation”?

When he said, “We are going to pull out of Syria,” Pentagon made a statement saying,” These claims are rumors.”

When he huffed, telling Russia “the missiles will be coming,” Pentagon responded by saying, “Don’t ask us about the president’s tweets, ask the White House!”

The moment the “president” says something that steps beyond Washington’s lines, Pentagon does not waste time to refute “his statements.”

Let alone Pentagon, Trump is in the position of an “Oval Office toy” in the hands of the deep U.S. too.

Washington is using the Damascus regime’s latest chemical attack as an excuse.

Did they “come to their senses” after the 215th chemical attack?

Stop with these games.

Those who are recently looking for an opportunity to intervene in Syria are not the slightest bit sincere – they never were.

What did the U.S. do when tyrant Bashar Assad, who is under the protection of Russia and Iran, carried out “214 other chemical attacks”?

They either acted like they were “objecting,” or they shed “crocodile tears.”

Yet in reality, they were very pleased that innocent Muslims were being massacred.

They willfully watched Assad massacre 1 million people.

Similar to Russia and Iran, the U.S. and all the Western states that support it are equally responsible for the massive massacre in Syria.

It was a year ago: Following the Damascus regime’s chemical attack, President Trump made the “Military intervention in Syria” move, and after a few missiles were launched on Assad’s air base for show, the “aim was achieved” and chemical weapons were forgotten once again.

During former U.S. President Barack Obama’s administration, they acted – many times – like they were “opposing the Damascus regime’s chemical attacks”; thus, systematic attacks were followed with care; and while innocent people, civilians and children were being murdered, the tyrants behind closed doors in Washington rubbed their hands eagerly.

The U.S. (and its tandem, Israel) and the Damascus regime have constantly been in a futile battle since the beginning. Despite this, they saw benefit in the continuation of the regime, thinking, “If the Damascus regime is overthrown, the likely administration that will replace it will make Syria open to Turkey’s influence.”

What has been happening in Syria revealed that the U.S. foresaw/calculated/planned “the division of Syria and the establishment of a Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) state in its north” ever since the civil war started in 2011.

This deep plan was another part of the ruthless plot “aiming to divide Turkey, Iraq and Iran in the same way.”

Yet, in the recent period, Turkey took action; it struck a blow on the U.S. plan to establish a PKK state in northern Syria with firstly the Euphrates Shield and secondly the Olive Branch operation.

It showed the whole world that it will never be left out in the Syria issue.

The developments that have been happening in the last year showed that, in addition to Russia and Iran, Turkey also joined the states that are in a determining position in Syria.

This picture shows the U.S. is “losing” superiority/dominance/control/ its determinant position, etc. in the region.

Trump’s last growl that “the missiles are coming,” means “We are also in Syria. We are not going anywhere.”

And if they “don’t go, don’t withdraw”?

Well, that means there is still a lot of “beating” in store for them.


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