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Damn your sanctions…

American fascism is the first thing to come to mind at the mention of threats, blackmail, embargoes and sanctions. The latest thuggery of the U.S. state took place with the declaration of comprehensive sanctions on Iran, primarily oil trade.

This embargo decision, which is equivalent to tyranny, is of course illegal. It can never be accepted.

Hence, dozens of countries, including Turkey, have stated that they will not join the U.S.'s sanctions. The bandit state America, which only received support from terror state Israel, is alone.

They love Israel’s nuclear weapons

What is the start of the feature-length thriller based on?

The U.S., which has massive nuclear power and paved the way for the Israeli state to possess nuclear weapons half a century ago, was not pleased about "even the idea of Iran possessing nuclear weapons."

"Fantastic nuclear double standards" had surrounded our world from all corners.

As time went by, in 2015, the U.S. signed a nuclear deal with Iran. Then, it withdrew from this agreement.

It put into effect the first sanction package against Iran on Aug. 7, 2018. The sanctions that started on Nov. 4 is the second stage and more comprehensive.

It is obvious they chose this date on purpose: they are flipping Iran off by - supposedly - making a "symbolic" reference to Nov. 4, 1979, the date when the hostage crisis broke out in Tehran, nine months after the revolution in Iran.

US uses mafia methods

International law does not work on the U.S. - plus Israel.

Just look at the mafia-like mindset of the thug state, and its fascist mentality.

"Nobody is going to do trade with Iran" simply because the U.S. wants it that way, is that so? "Iran is going to be isolated once more" "just so the American state's interests can be protected," is that so?

Iran is going to face a blockade with completely unjust sanctions, and on top of this, the miscellaneous economic risks of this tyranny are going to be paid by the whole world?

This is called global thuggery, banditry.

The U.S. is a state that operates with mafia methods. Treachery is their way of life.

You can’t even have a partnership in the form of patrols with the US

The Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) terrorist organization's boss, the U.S., has been occupying Turkey in Manbij since 2016: Ankara has been waiting (in vain) for Washington to fulfill all the (futile) promises it made. The U.S. is pretending not to see or hear. It continues to do as it pleases in efforts to build a terror corridor in the region and establish a PKK state.

So, what happened during the stalling process? The U.S. shipped 19,000 trucks and 3,000 cargo planes filled with weapons to the PKK. It continued the training of PKK terrorists, who, in a sense, are American soldiers.

U.S. troops, who started a joint patrol with the Turkish Armed Forces (TAF) in Manbij on Nov. 1, were seen patrolling with PKK terrorists on Nov. 2-3.

Were they not going to eliminate the PKK from Manbij? They are all lies. Let alone eliminate them, they patrolling with them.

Where? In those ditches they dug up in Manbij.

Like they are mocking us!

In short, they are insistently distracting Turkey: As if "all this delay is not enough" for a likely operation on Manbij, Ankara is being held up some more.

Which state had the explosives sent?

Let us remember the article that appeared in some headlines last week: "A vehicle carrying 247 kilograms of explosives was seized in Mardin."

It was indicated in the article that, "The PETN explosive, of which even 1 kilogram has the impact of 100 kilograms of C-4, was sent from Syria by the PKK-affiliated People's Protection Units’ (YPG) terrorists to carry out bloody attacks in 32 locations in Turkey."

There is no doubt that those who had the PKK terrorists make this shipping were none other than the U.S. troops positioned in northern Syria.


We have been hearing statements such as, "Our strategic partnership with the U.S. will and must continue," once again.

The terror state U.S. is going to continue to attack us in every way and we are going to carry out a "strategic partnership" with them: is that so?

Get over it.

The U.S. is never our friend or ally. So what is it? It is our sworn enemy.


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