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Fill and empty

Washington, in a way, played the game of “fill and empty” with Turkey! First, NBC spread the fake news that “Donald Trump started to seek legal ways to extradite Fetullah Gülen from the U.S.” Afterward, Trump stated, “There is no plan to extradite Gülen to Turkey.”

The U.S., which orchestrated the July 15 coup attempt through the means of the Fetullah Terrorist Organization, has never had a plan to extradite their cleric, so why would they have one now?

While they were playing “fill and empty”, they were telling FETÖ supporters, “You don’t need to worry about anything, be comfortable,” and on the other hand, gave Turkey false hope, even if it was for a little while!

So, they are continuing to stall and play sneaky games…

The quick reaction team inside

The deep state newspaper of Uncle Sam in our media, which hides behind the “Turkish Flag and Atatürk portrait” in their logo, is already waiting for these kinds of things to happen!

Even though it was only for a few days, they tried to put the lie inside our heads with the headline right below their logo reading “Trump Tries to Send Gülen”, trying to delude us…

This is the chance for those who have been trying everything to hide the fact that the U.S. was behind FETÖ’s July 15 coup attempt “for more than two years”; they have the chance to present Trump as “well-intentioned” or “sympathetic.”

What is it that Trump doesn’t “really” want to hear?

Trump said that he did not want to listen to the audio recording of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi’s killing, in which his suffering can be heard.“ He said he couldn’t listen to it because it is “very violent, vicious and terrible”…

He is playing an “extremely humane president!”, pretending as if he feels “a lot of pain”…

Well, what do you think is the real reason?

CIA is definitely the instigator of the plan to murder Khashoggi, and at the center of this murder, there is Trump’s Jewish son-in-law Jared Kushner!

We are talking about Kushner who delivered the “list of Saudis to be killed” to the CIA!

This is the real reason why Trump doesn’t want to listen to the audio tape!


We see the attempt of the Jewish capital-owned newspapers, The New York Times and The Washington Post, to keep the CIA out of the business” with their last coverage which addresses the “deep connection” in the Khashoggi murder:

It is exemplary!

Years before Khashoggi: Kashiwagi!

While I was reading the news about “Trump not wanting to listen to the Khashoggi recordings,” I don’t know why the Kashiwagi murder came to my mind…

So what is it?

When famous Japanese gambler Akio Kashiwagi was murdered in January 1992, in his home near Fuji Mountain, by being cut up into 150 pieces with a katana, it would be the perfect time to ask how this fraud called Donald Trump would have felt about this murder!

On page 192 of the famous forensic scientist Sevil Atasoy’s book titled “There is no Perfect Murder, there are ones which are almost perfect”, you find the following sentences:

“It is still not known who cut the great gambler, contractor Akio Kashiwagi, known by the nickname “the warrior,” into 150 pieces with a katana. The person who killed him was probably a hitman. The instigator is probably the owner of a gambling house! If you read the footnote, you will understand whom I am talking about…” The following is the content of the footnote number 34 on page 192: “Akio Kashiwagi earned large amounts of money in Las Vegas and Atlantic City, and he also lost millions of dollars. He even ended up in a court since he refused to pay his $10 million debt to the owner of the Atlantic City gambling house, Donald Trump. The Ichikawa character which was performed by Nobu Matsuhisa in Martin Scorsese’s 1995-made Casino movie is actually inspired from his life story.”

This is just the tip of the iceberg!

In the “Trump catches a whale” section between pages 229 to 245 in David Cay Johnston’s book titled “The Making of Donald Trump” (Melville House Publishing, 2013) the “vehement strife” between Trump and Akio Kashiwagi is given in great detail! There you may find striking details!


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