Israel + FETÖ

Speaking to The Wall Street Journal after the Mavi Marmara massacre, conducted by the terrorist state of Israel, Fetullah Gülen said that Israel’s authority should not have been defied, accusing Ankara and backing Israel.

It is documented that Israel is involved in the PKK attack in Iskenderun, which martyred seven soldiers, on the same day (May 31, 2010) as the Mavi Marmara massacre!


The former Georgia-based Imam of the parallel structure Hayati Küçük revealed on a TV program two years ago that "The Parallel Structure and the PKK had been secretly cooperating since 2005 to 2006.”

Pointing out that Gülen did not say a single word against Israel all his life, Küçük stated, "While Erbakan was embracing the Palestinian cause, they preached to us that we should not speak against Israel in our homes or even in our bedrooms.”

The following statement by Küçük is noteworthy as it displays the extent of Israel’s control over FETÖ;

"We became hostile toward anyone who is against Israel in Turkey. We also did not want what Israel did not want. All the officers who were named disciples by the parallel structure were going to Israel for training. The Gülen institutes in the U.S. were all founded by Jews! "


Two weeks after the Fetullah Terror Organization’s (FETÖ) coup attempt on July 15, Alon Goshen-Gottstein, a Zionist writer, wrote, "Israel owes gratitude to Gülen," due to his response which protected Tel Aviv on the Mavi Marmara issue.

This person who praised terrorist leader and coup plotter Gülen to the skies in the same article was proudly speaking of his "twenty years-lasting friendship with the Gülen community!"

It was Jewish Morton Abramowitz, who led Gülen to meet Pope John Paul II in the Vatican on Feb. 9, 1998. He was also the U.S. ambassador to Ankara from 1989 to 1991 and a CIA member.

Exactly four months before his Vatican visit, in which he verbalized his loyalty to the Pope (Oct. 9, 1997), Gülen hugged Abraham Foxman, President of the Anti-Defamation League (ADL), a prominent Jewish organization, in Istanbul. The Vatican's "Interreligious Dialogue" project is among the "very special missions" of ADL as well.


Foxman did not tire in his praise of Gülen in his interview (Jan. 31, 1998) with Zaman newspaper!

Abdullah Bozkurt, who interviewed him, is currently a fugitive and conducts activities against the independent Muslim Turkey in Sweden.

Bozkurt heads the Sweden-based organization Stockholm Center for Freedom (SCF) which FETÖ had founded for international propaganda.

The organization recently published a 191-page report on the July 15 coup attempt in which they highlighted an interview with Gülen. The statements by Henry Barkey and Michael Rubin, as well as Kılıçdaroğlu and Demirtaş, were included in the report.

Bozkurt, one of the "active agents" of FETÖ and former Ankara Representative of Today's Zaman, works for Uncle Sam with all his cells. He has fixed his parallel brain on the Washington’s authorities!

Two days before the assassination of Russia's Ankara Ambassador Karlov in December, Mister Bozkurt posted a tweet, saying that "the embassies in Turkey are no longer safe."

On Mevlüt Mert Altıntaş’s , the FETÖ-member police who assassinated Karlov, so-called permit document,  it was discovered that the address of the house written on it belonged to Bozkurt.


The following lines are quoted from Bozkurt's report titled "U.S.’s message to Israel" published on Dec. 19, 1997 in Zaman;

“Speaking at the evening dinner given by ADL, an influential Jewish organization in New York's showy Plaza Hotel, Prime Minister Mesut Yılmaz promised to take Turkey-Israel friendship even further.”

Yılmaz, continued, 'I will say it once again so everyone can hear: Turkey strongly supports Israel's right to exist. We have stood with Israel since the beginning, since we were the first Muslim country to recognize Israel in 1949 ...’ Yilmaz said to American Jewish leaders, 'You guys can serve the U.S. and the world as our unofficial ambassadors.’

While presenting the elite statesman award to Yılmaz, ADL President Foxman said that "Last week, Turkey refused to participate in anti-Israeli resolutions at the OIC meeting in Tehran.’”


Six months before this news was out, Zaman published the headline “Congratulations,” for the government under the prime ministry of Mesut Yılmaz, which was founded after the subversion of the Refah-Yol government of the Feb. 28 coup d'état.

Detainee Akın Öztürk, the former Turkish Air Force Commander who was at the forefront of FETÖ's coup attempt on July 15, was the Turkish Armed Forces’ (TAF) Tel Aviv Military attache from 1996 to 1998. In other words, when generals issued a "memorandum" against the Refah-Yol government on Feb. 28, Öztürk was serving in Israel.

While serving in Israel, Öztürk was enrolled in the 73rd NUR lodge in Tel Aviv and became a mason. Additionally, Gülen was enrolled in the Masonic lodge when he was in İzmir in 1975!


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