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The United ‘stalling’ States of America

Senator Edward Kennedy (1932-2009), brother of John F. Kennedy, while criticizing the failure of rescuing hostages in Iran (1980) once said that “the United States of America was not founded upon retreating!”

Leaving the matter of “how many times they had to swallow these words” to another article… We shall change this sentence, having been inspired from it, to explain the actual circumstances or to do justice to it:

“The United States of America was not founded upon keeping its word!”


From the start, we have been saying that the U.S. is stalling Turkey in Manbij.

Until now, they did not keep the promises they gave to Turkey. All these developments show that they don’t want to either… They have not taken any positive step since the agreement reached in June.

Last week at the NATO meeting of ministers of defense, Turkish Minister of Defense Hulusi Akar said that they attach great importance to the Manbij roadmap and security principles determined with the U.S., however, they are very behind the 90-day calendar.

And on the other side…

The U.S. Central Command Commander Joseph Votel continued to falter saying, “The U.S. is committed to its obligations on the roadmap for Manbij.”

Ankara is waiting for Washington to keep its word, but this is unnecessary.

Deceptiveness and treachery are the characteristics of the Bully American State: they cannot be trusted!

As the late Erbakan said many times:

“The only thing the U.S. understands is force!”


While Ankara was waiting for Washington to keep its word, last week it was revealed that terrorists of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK)’s Syrian affiliate, the YPG, who are under the patronage of the U.S., have been digging trenches around the city center of Manbij.

In fact, this is sufficient enough to understand why the U.S. has been stalling Turkey!

On the one side, the U.S. reaches an agreement with Turkey, on the other side it digs trenches with PKK terrorists. Why? “Just in case the Turkish Armed Forces suddenly come to Manbij one night!”

Let’s recall Operation Euphrates Shield and Operation Olive Branch… Considering that the U.S. will not keep its word: the Turkish Armed forces will eventually launch an operation in Manbij as well.

It has to, there is no other way.

Remember what Hulusi Akar stated regarding the PKK terrorists digging trenches around Manbij: “We are monitoring the developments closely. All the necessary measures have already been taken.”


The U.S.’s plan to establish a “PKK state” north of Syria is still in progress.

Overcoming this vile plan is Turkey’s duty. For the security of an independent Muslim Turkey, destroying this plan, in other words wiping out PKK terrorists in the region is a must… The PKK/YPG terrorists in the region are also soldiers of the U.S.

Similarly, the U.S. soldiers deployed there are no different from PKK terrorists.

Independent Turkey definitely has to destroy this American terror corridor, which includes Manbij.

Otherwise, our Turkey will continue to be the target of PKK terrorism for the coming decades.


In northern and eastern Syria, it is known that the U.S. is supplying 65,000 PKK terrorists with arms… We know very well those members of the “obedient club” who will object automatically and at this exact point say, “What if we come face to face with the U.S. in Manbij, what would happen to us?

These kinds of objections will be equivalent to joining “our enemies’ camp, PKK and its patron America” in this struggle.

What did that “colonial pith helmet” evoke?

U.S. First Lady Melania Trump’s hat which she was wearing during a safari tour in Kenya got many reactions!


That hat evoked European colonizers who came to Africa many years ago!

This “hat incident” reminded me of what happened before the box game of the century in 1974:

George Foreman who arrived at Kinshasa for his title match against Mohamed Ali in Zaire immediately visited the stadium that the game would take place at and he had a German wolfdog with him in the stadium!

The people of Zaire were very much offended… Because years ago, Belgian colonizers oppressed the blacks by “setting German wolfhounds” on them!

After getting off the plane in Kinshasa, Mohamed Ali shouted to the enthusiastic crowd: “George Foreman is a Belgian!”


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