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They are all in a war against Islam

The Damascus regime attacked Douma, the last opposition-held point in Eastern Ghouta, with chemical weapons. More than 150 innocent people, mostly children, lost their lives. It is said that the latest massacre in Syria is tyrant Bashar Assad’s “215th chemical attack.”

Russia is acting as is the massacre “doesn’t exist.”

The trickster U.S. is acting like it is standing against the regime’s atrocity, whereas they are quite pleased – about Muslims being killed!

It was the anti-Islam U.S. President Donald Trump himself who ordered the Pentagon and the CIA to have the “civilians in Syria massacred” as soon as he settled in the White House.

After this “unlimited” authorization “to kill,” on March 17, 2017, a mosque was maliciously bombed in Aleppo, followed by the bombing of a primary school in Raqqah three days later by the jets of the “United Terror States of America”.

Once again, it was children, innocent people, civilians who were killed.

Syria was not the only one to get its share. On March 23, 2017, they conducted a massacre in Iraq as well by bombing a neighborhood in Mosul.

The 101 innocent people, mostly children, who were massacred during the Quran memorization ceremony in Afghanistan last week on April 3, 2018, are also the victims of the Bandit American State led by Trump.

Are our politicians still going to continue to identify this terror state as “friends, allies and partners”?

They are all in battle against Islam.


As the devil of Damascus continues to commit crimes against humanity…

His supporters in Turkey diligently turned a blind eye to the massacre of innocent people in Eastern Ghouta; without shame; they are trying to portray the Damascus regime as “innocent.”


As we ask, based on the “union of forces” photograph from the Syria Summit at the Beştepe Complex in Ankara, “Where does Assad stand in this picture?”, we are not going to forget those who sincerely want, who wish for murderer Assad to be a part of that picture as soon as possible.

We are talking about the “influence agents,” who are constantly targeting Ankara and always supporting the Damascus regime.

These figures, who have become hard-boiled for years behind the baronic gladio’s media desk, are still on a quest to get that blood-sucking Damascus dictator, who continues to murder children and innocent people with chemical weapons, included in that picture.

Citizen Doğan left without giving account

The individual called Aydın Doğan transferred yesterday his media group to the Demirören family.

Hence, citizen Doğan left media just before the group’s 40th anniversary.

This person will also be remembered as “[German Chancellor Angela] Merkel’s buddy and Trump’s partner.”

Doğan’s farewell was published in the Hürriyet daily three days ago with the headline, “Teşekkürler Kaptan” (Thanks Captain).

When bidding farewell to Hürriyet, Mr. Doğan said, “Turkish media’s admiral ship has safely reached the harbor.”

During the farewell ceremony, Hürriyet Editor-in-Chief Fikret Bila said, “Aydın Doğan’s contribution to our democracy will always have a special place.”

One of Hürriyet’s former editors, Sedat Ergin, said, “Mr. Doğan is one of the most important figures of democratic life in Turkey.”

Yet, what is the first thing that comes to mind when you hear “Democracy in Turkey and Aydın Doğan”?

The answer is, the fact that Aydın Doğan is “the locomotive boss of the February 28 coup’s media leg.”

We know quite well what citizen Doğan’s understanding of “democracy, being a Democrat” really is.

Citizen Doğan is the one who personally told Fetullah Terrorist Organization (FETÖ) member Hidayet Karaca on Sept. 24, 2013, that, “Hocaefendi [FETÖ leader Fetullah Gülen] is the one who represents true democracy in Turkey.”

What is the chameleon writer actually trying to say?

In the final section of my article, we get back to the headline, “Where does Assad stand in this picture?”, this time for the writer.

This headline was published in baronic Hürriyet’s obvious chameleon writer’s column on April 6, 2018.

Him being a chameleon?

A chameleon writer, who huffed in the days before the launch of the Afrin operation saying, “The moment you step over the border, the whole world will stand against you,” and severely opposed the Turkish Armed Forces (TAF) entering Syria, approached his readership, after Afrin was taken, with an article that claimed completely the opposite of his initial stance!

In his article two days ago, he was sighing, “Would this county have turned out this way if the deputies in Parliament had danced even once in their life?”

Then he came to the point: “Would the media have turned out this way if all the column writers in this country danced even once in their life?”

There is something else the chameleon writer, loyal to Uncle Sam in all his being, actually wants to say when saying, “You must dance.”

The headline of his Sept. 14, 2006 article in the archives might give us an idea: “Tam Dansöz Gibi Yazmışım” (I wrote like a complete dancer).


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