Turkey should not delay its likely military operation in Syria any longer - TAMER KORKMAZ

Turkey should not delay its likely military operation in Syria any longer

The "delegation of bandits" led by U.S. National Security Adviser John Bolton is going to hold meetings in Ankara today.

According to the Wall Street Journal, they are bringing a map to Ankara.

As they do not want Turkey to enter the certain area in which Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK)-affiliated People's Protection Units (YPG) terrorists are present, they prepared a "color-coded map" with respect to northern Syria.

Foreseeing that this is a "map" - excuse me, scrap - officially illustrating the terror corridor protecting the PKK terrorists in the region does not require rocket science.


Bolton, who is leading the bandits U.S. President Donald Trump sent to Ankara, visited Israel immediately before Turkey.

He repeated that the date of the withdrawal of U.S. troops from Syria has not been concluded.

Bolton, a.k.a Mr. Arrogant, said, "The U.S. is insistent on protecting its Kurdish allies against the attack Turkey will organize, and [Turkish President Recep Tayyip] Erdoğan will be warned regarding this."

As a matter of fact, he said, "We do not want Turkey to organize a military operation in Syria without full coordination with us."

They "spilled the beans" with these statements.

It is obvious that the bandit state's declaration to "pull out of Syria" is a distraction. (Nobody should have any doubt left in this regard by now.)

We are also talking about a sly game, deception.

We see - once more - that treachery is the American state's character.


Similar to Bolton, U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo also said, "Preventing Turks from slaughtering Kurds and protecting religious minorities is part of our mission in the region."

The person who made this statement is a complete bootlicker of Israel.

He was extremely disappointed with the failure of the July 15, 2016 coup attempt, and the next day, this former CIA chief and traitor described Turkey as a "totalitarian Islamist dictatorship."

Turkey's operation is aimed at YPG/PKK terrorists in northern Syria - not Kurds.

The U.S. does not consider the YPG-PKK as terrorist groups. Therefore, it is clearly a state that is protecting terrorism; it is in an "illegitimate" position.

How can it be possible to purge PKK terrorists in a region where "U.S. troops" are physically present "with a military operation in coordination with the U.S."?

The U.S.'s pro-terrorist bandit John Bolton must be held accountable at the meetings in Ankara today for these astounding and arrogant statements.


As long as Ankara continues to trust Washington, or as long as it waits for the Yankees to fulfil the "promises they make," it will continue to be "distracted, and what's more, be stabbed in the back."

Turkey's operation is being postponed more every day.

They first said, "We will withdraw in no more than 100 days," then they increased this to "120 days." Now, they are saying, "There is no such thing as a withdrawal calendar."

There is more.

The yellow devil Trump, the "deceiver, crook, liar, trickster, rascal" who said, "We are immediately pulling out of Syria," comes out in the finale and says, "We never said withdrawing troops from Syria was going to be quick."

As long as the word of Trump or American traitors is trusted and the military operation in northern Syria and Manbij is postponed, we will continue to fall in Washington's trap.

Attention: Every meeting with the American delegation leads to fresh stalling.

Our Turkey should not delay its likely military operation in Syria any longer.


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