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The US wants to stall Turkey’s military operation in Syria!

The same provocation has happened again; the latest bloody attack in Syria’s Manbij is an American classic. It is a bomb telling the U.S., "Don't you dare withdraw from Syria!"

There is no doubt that Uncle Sam is rubbing his hands and saying, "I stopped thinking of bombs as a problem and learned to love them."


Daesh assumed responsibility for the "suicide bombing" at the center of Manbij, in which four U.S. soldiers died and three were injured.

Which Daesh is this? The Daesh which U.S. President Donald Trump said during his election campaign that "Obama and fraud Hillary established together," the deep U.S.'s "extremely useful" counter-terror organization,. Now, after former U.S. President Barack Obama, the "United States of Trump" is using it.

Really, an American political analyst had said, "Daesh did the impossible and allowed U.S. foreign policy to seem decent."

This sarcastic statement should be remembered as a confession. Furthermore, as the American state's "Daesh deception" has long been realized, it does not allow its foreign policy to appear decent anymore either.

Even "producing an ugly excuse" is enough for the "United Vagabonds of America," which has adopted dishonesty as a lifestyle.

Middle mold

In my Dec. 21, 2018 article published in this column with the sub-title, "US is withdrawing from Syria again," I wrote, "For example, with the withdrawal tactic, are they going to make Turkey wait for a few more months, followed by a provocative incident, and maybe say, 'We changed our mind, we are not leaving'?"

They did not even wait a few months for a provocation: one month was enough for them!

Trump’s bestie, the senator

Let us also not forget Mr. Lindsey Graham who after speaking to his close friend Trump had said, "We are not at the point of finishing Daesh. I believe we are cleverly slowing down the withdrawal process."

Now this Senator Graham had claimed, "Daesh was encouraged by Trump's decision and this is the reason behind the latest attack," and added, "I only recently dined at the restaurant where the bomb exploded."

Well, the senator has worked well on his lines. He is trying to say, "We should forget about withdrawing from Syria." It is obvious from the very beginning that the scenario they wrote in the depths includes the "provocation scene."

Trump's "No turning back on the decision to withdraw" has become a quiet "buzz." It is null and void.

Where were you for 7 years?

There is also the "buffer zone" matter.

Let us note that last week, as is known, Senator Graham said, "Mr. President is reviewing a safe zone-like initiative."

Turkey has been demanding a "buffer zone" ever since 2012, yet the U.S. never paid attention to this demand.

Obama is gone, and after his second year as president, Trump suddenly pulled out the "buffer zone" card. Should we say “wake up and smell the coffee”? Are they coming to their senses just now?

No, they are not sincere about this either.

Their steps with respect to forming a 32-kilometer safe zone on our Syria border is "a new distraction" trick. They want to delay Turkey's likely military operation, and if possible, prevent it.

Would they accept the kind of buffer zone Turkey wants?

If we were to speak with inspiration from our esteemed writer Mehmet Şeker:

- Ankara calls it a "buffer" zone, they actually call is "Trumper zone."


They insist on the Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK)-affiliated People's Protection Units (YPG) continuing its presence in the region.

The terrorists' safety concerns the American vagabonds.

In the process in which they settled YPG/PKK in the north of Syria with the "fill-vacate" role they gave to Daesh, their masked stooges, they had rejected Turkey's request for a "buffer zone," as it would have prevented their "settlement" in the region.

Now, since Uncle Sam and the Blonde Tarzan are in trouble, bring on the new trick: the "safe zone."

Let us never forget that the bandit state and its "terror tandem" Israel have not given up their plan to establish a PKK state in northern Syria.


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