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We don't buy it!

So the U.S. apparently placed a $12-million bounty on the heads of three “leaders,” Murat Karayılan, Cemil Bayık, and Duran Kalkan, of the Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) terrorist organization.

This is mocking our intelligence.

This show of putting a bounty on their heads is nothing but a new distraction tactic. It is in no way sincere. It is a show that is performed within the scope of the psychological war, it is a trick. What's more, it is a plot.

Bandit state U.S., which is the PKK's deep boss, has been getting the “leaders” of this terrorist organization to attack Turkey for many years. The PKK belongs to Uncle Sam - from head to toe - and is carrying out its bloody attacks under Washington's orders.

They are supposedly "putting a bounty" on terrorist “leaders,” who are already in their hands, who are their "staff," and what's more, whom they use as they please, and are actually mocking us.

All the "past and present" statements made by U.S. spokespersons with respect to "supporting Turkey's fight against the PKK," consist of lowly lies, and are "deceptions."

We haven’t forgotten these

For example, at the end of 2007, the U.S. had promised to "share immediate intelligence" with Turkey against the PKK.

Thus, in the PKK's bomb attack on the military service vehicle in Diyarbakır on Jan. 3, 2008, it was revealed that "the U.S. shared intelligence with the PKK terrorist organization." We had seven martyrs as a result of that terrorist attack.

This is how unreliable the U.S., which has lovers, cooperators and influence agents in Turkey, is.


The U.S. is a full-fledged terror state. It is the engineer of terrorism in the world and our region. All PKK and People's Protection Units (YPG) terrorists are under the command and protection of the American state.

Let us add that due to Turkey's effective cross-border operations, "Murat Karayılan was moved - last February - from his hole in Iraq’s Qandil to the Syrian city of Hasakah, and that he is under U.S. protection there."

Under these circumstances, the U.S.'s plot in placing a bounty brings to mind the question, "What is the motive behind this?"

Right at this point, let us remember that Turkey placed a TL 4 million bounty - earlier - on the heads of the three terrorist organization “leaders” in question.

Since June 24, 2015, we have been achieving very successful results in the fight against the PKK - and we continue to do so. In the recent period, most of the major terrorists on the Interior Ministry's wanted list have been caught or killed.

It is not hard to predict that the three terrorist organization “leaders,” for whom the U.S. put up a “bounty” may “face the same fate" very soon.

Based on this, the U.S. may be preparing to kind of "steal a role" with the bounty "trick" on this trio that is under its protection. We will have to wait and see.

How are they presenting this?

The pro-U.S. group in our midst are presenting the bandit U.S. - based on the "bounty" move - in opposition to the PKK's terrorist “leaders,” with a psychological war tactic, like it truly wants them to be beaten.

Just as those displaying this perception operation in Turkey do not take an attitude against U.S. efforts to establish a PKK state in northern Syria, they do not say a word to Washington either.

They have reached the peak of fraud

The engineer of terror, the U.S., does not recognize the YPG, which is the PKK terrorist organization's offshoot in Syria, as a terrorist organization.

This nonsense was last voiced by James Jeffrey, the so-called "diplomat," who is the U.S.'s special representative for Syria.

Late Turkish arabesque singer Müslüm Gürses, who has film in his name, "Müslüm Baba," currently showing in cinemas, had a line in one of his films many years ago: "I can commit murder, but I could never kill a person."

The bandit U.S. state's conflict "based on deception" regarding the PKK and YPG is similar to this line.


The unreliable U.S., which has continuously occupied Turkey in Syria’s Manbij since 2016, started a "joint patrol" there with the Turkish Armed Forces (TAF) on Nov. 1. Yet on Nov. 2 and 3, it did its patrol rounds with the PKK-YPG.


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