The curtains have become very thick

"On a flight with Royal Jordanian Airlines, an American woman noticed Nestle water being distributed, prompting her to protest. She expressed outrage, mentioning the effective boycotts against Nestle in the UK and urging people to expose this betrayal. Whom did she call upon? She called upon the airline through the flight attendants distributing the water. Which airline is it? Royal Jordanian Airlines. What kind of country is Jordan? It's a Muslim country located adjacent to Palestinian territories. So, a non-Muslim American living in the UK is warning passengers, likely mostly Muslim, on a Muslim-owned airline, with Muslim crew members, not to serve products from a company boycotted worldwide for supporting Israel in killing children. Perhaps she's the only non-Muslim passenger on that plane. There's no better summary of today's Islamic world than this incident."

"Spanish actor Pedro Alonso, known for his role as Berlin in the TV series Money Heist, voiced a letter from a Palestinian, showing his support for the Palestinian people: 'There's nothing left worth living for. No electricity, no schools, no universities. There's nothing left in Gaza.' The Spanish actor is making a plea for help for Gaza. To whom? To us who boast about sharing the same faith as the Gazans, and to the world that has become deaf and blind. In Gaza, under Israeli occupation, where aid convoys are allowed based on Israel's whims, small children have started eating leaves out of hunger. This message is not for those who refuse to hear, but for those who cannot hear."

"In Somalia, a woman, herself poor and not considered wealthy but owning a house there, sold her last valuable possessions last week to provide a meal for 900 refugees seeking shelter with her. All she could offer was rice. That was all she could do. The people who made 900 Somalis refugees in their own country are Muslim, and so is this woman."

"The British were defeated in India by a man who never resorted to violence, using only constant passive resistance. What did Gandhi say? 'Go ahead, arrest me again, British! But it's clear that arrest and killing won't end this! Here are the Turks, placing the coffins prepared for their own funeral over their enemies' heads!' (1922 - Said after the victory of the Turkish War of Independence by Turks)

"They ignore you at first, then they laugh at you, then they envy you, and finally, they lose. (What do you think about Western civilization? Response to the question)"

"The pleasure is not in the victory; it's in the struggle, the endeavor, and the suffering endured. The power produced by opposition to violence is definitely greater than the power of all the weapons human ability has invented. Freedom has never meant 'permission to do whatever you want'. You can't shake hands with clenched fists. Unless you surrender yourself, nobody can take away your self-respect. God answers our prayers in His own way, not according to our preferences. Weak people cannot forgive; forgiveness is an attribute of the strong. We don't need money to be organized, clean, and honorable. If we truly have ears to hear, God speaks to us in our own language."

"Dismantle unjust regimes with justice so that you can come forward with bloodless hands. Live simply so that others can live too. Selfishness is blinded by eyes. A person is the sum of what they have done. It is possible to awaken someone who is truly asleep, but it is futile to try to awaken someone who is pretending to sleep, no matter how much effort the whole world puts into it."

"The things that will destroy us are as follows: Unprincipled politics; entertainment that disturbs conscience; a desire for wealth without work; knowledgeable but characterless people; a business world devoid of ethics; science that has pushed aside love for humanity; a religious understanding devoid of self-sacrifice."

"Every morning when I wake up, I promise myself the following: I will fear no one on Earth but my conscience. I will not yield to anyone's injustice. I will dismantle injustice with justice, and if it persists in resisting, I will confront it with all my existence."

"8-year-old Gaza boy Adam, who lost a leg in Israeli airstrikes, was welcomed with applause when taken to the US state of Dallas for treatment. They are now heroes everywhere."

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The curtains have become very thick
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