What was the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange privy to before Oct. 7?

Researchers Robert J. Jackson Jr. from New York University Law School and Prof. Joshua Mitts from Columbia Law School have identified a sharp increase in short sales of Israeli stocks in the weeks leading up to October 7th.

▪️ According to their findings, these short sales before the conflicts between Israel and Hamas in the Gaza Strip were greater than the sales that occurred before the days leading up to the COVID-19 pandemic.

▪️ The researchers note significant short sales in dozens of companies traded on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange before the attacks.

▪️ The study shows that a short position of 4.43 million shares was created at Bank Leumi between September 14 and October 5.

▪️ Those who built this position after the Hamas attack made a profit of 3.2 billion NIS. The researchers state that they did not observe a cumulative increase in short positions in Israeli companies traded on U.S. stock exchanges, but they detected a sharp and unusual increase in options trading on stocks with options expiring shortly after October 7.

What does this mean?

Some individuals sold their shares early on October 7th because they knew Hamas would conduct an operation against Israel, and when the shares fell, they bought them at a lower price, making a profit of 3.2 billion.

During a CNN interview, Netanyahu's chief advisor, Mark Regev, seemed tongue-tied when asked about October 7th. He said, "I don't know if he had the news; he was probably informed like everyone else."

Many military and political experts think, "They probably knew but turned a blind eye to their citizens dying and being taken hostage because they were planning such a massive massacre and genocide."

There is also this claim:

It is said that Israeli and American arms companies test modern and advanced heavy weapons on civilians and densely populated areas.

Target identification, bomb selection, control, and evaluation are carried out with the participation of Western experts as well as Israeli and American arms companies.

Bombs used for destruction and penetration melt iron as well as destroy buildings and pierce the ground. Due to these heavy bombardments, everything living in the buildings hit is melted away.

Two days ago, Prof. Dr. Sofian Tayeh, the rector of Gaza Islamic University, Gaza's largest university, was killed with his family in an airstrike by Israel on the Cibaliya Refugee Camp. Dr. Tayeh ranked in the top 2% among researchers worldwide.

The number of civilians killed in Israel's attacks on Gaza has risen to 15,523, including 6,383 children, 5,247 women, 280 healthcare personnel, 26 search and rescue team members, and 76 journalists.

▪️ It is stated that there are 7,500 people under the wreckage, and 40,650 people are injured.

Since October 7th in Gaza:

▪️ 20 hospitals and 56 ambulances were hit.

▪️ 267 schools were completely or partially damaged.

▪️ 50,000 homes were completely destroyed.

▪️ 250,000 homes were partially destroyed.

▪️ 103 government buildings were destroyed.

▪️ 181 mosques and 3 churches were hit.

To those who remain silent about the killing of children and Israel's supporters, two questions:

• If Israel is not committing genocide and occupation, why is it applying so much censorship?

• Although Jews do not donate organs for religious reasons, the world's largest skin and organ bank is located in Israel. So where do these organs come from?

The Palestinian grandfather who lost his grandson in the massacre carried out by occupying Israel in Gaza addressed Arabs as follows: "If you stop exporting oil and natural gas to the U.S. and the West, we will bring Palestine back!"

But apparently, no one is thinking about such serious economic sanctions!

The organized evil called the pharaohs of this century, Israel and the U.S., ignited the expected fire in Gaza and, every day, burn it by throwing children into it, and what was expected happened, and Jesus descended to Earth.

An awakening has begun in the West.

While curses are uttered against Israel every day in the capitals of the U.S. and Europe, calls for support to Gaza are being made.

In other words, the sun has risen from the West.

Gazan journalist Motaz Azaiza says: "Hello, the stage of daring to convey images is over, and the stage of survival has begun. Our situation is tragically unpredictable. Remember, we are not just content to share content. We are a people who have been killed."

In an area of an average of 100 kilometers, about 100 children, women, elderly, civilians, and innocent people are killed in their homes every day, and there should be no other agenda in the world.

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What was the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange privy to before Oct. 7?
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