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The new and old Jerusalem

It seems that Trump’s controversial decision has quieted down on Christmas Eve. At the UN General Assembly, almost the whole world gave the necessary response to the U.S. by rejecting its decision. I said almost because we know why those abstained de... more

Tactic, strategy and the Middle East

Leading the army and aligning the military troops. The first one is called strategy and the other one is tactic. More precisely, the root of the words come from here. Now we know they gained much more meaning over the course of time but thos... more

Why should we kill the Kurds?

Because you won’t know this; there some Kurds who have tails. For real! Those Kurds are from mountains and you might not know that either. Don’t be fooled by the fact that they crowd the cities. They do that on purpose. Don’t even mention the surge ... more

The world in 2017

U.S. President Donald Trump, who is preparing to write his name in history as the first leader to run the country from Twitter, squeezed in among daily reports another mysterious message yesterday, that can be drawn to mean basically anything, “Inter... more

The Gulf and the earthquake

It is hardly imaginable that the topic of iftar (breaking of the fast) conversations would be about a possible war and tension between two Muslim countries, but it is not hard to remember a world in which Iran and Iraq bombed each other and hundreds ... more

When did Aleppo fall?

We don't know what kind of a line life unfolds upon, or with which details it progresses. Our knowledge is restricted to ourselves. We don't know what the 62-year-old driver in Bursa, who left home early in the morning for his morning shift, was thin... more

The age of questions

Who is going to enter Raqqa? How will those areas be cleared of Daesh? The U.S. made the offer to Turkey. Apparently it said, if not, I will go in with the People's Protection Units (YPG). But now, apparently it might organize this operation together... more

July 15 and the political Kurdish movement

Much has been written and said about the July15 coup attempt, and will continue to be said. This is the natural and right thing to do. A consensus has emerged: everyone agrees that there is a larger project behind all that has happened. What can this... more

Turkmen Mountain or Syria's future

According to the news, Turkmen Mountain is once again going through hard times. Going through the risk of falling at the end of last autumn, the region survived with the support it received, however this time it seems that it is in serious trouble. A... more

'What was the point?'

Most of what has been happening is not new. By the end of the 19th century, hundreds of thousands of seasonal workers were traveling between continents. We don't need to go that far back actually… My dream was to go to Vienna and learn German. I woul... more

Those who never made history

Even if spoken softly, the hottest topic at the convention hall was who will remain in Cabinet and who will leave. The Central Decision and Executive Board (MKYK) list was also viewed in this consideration. Since whether or not you join the MKYK or l... more

The test drive in Iraq

It may have drawn your attention on the occasion of Kut al-Amara commemorations: One of the critical factors in the siege during the battle was the Tigris River flowing beside the town. Both Turkish and British troops tried to use the river throughou... more

What kind of a 2023?

2023, the year we are expected to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Republic, is a date that is constantly referred to politically and otherwise. What are we expected to see that day? What kind of a Turkey will we come across? What kind of a Tur... more


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