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World Syrian Day

The United Nations will acknowledge March 15 as World Syrians Day. When? Probably about 50 years from now... Just like when the UN acknowledged 120 years later the killing by police (who wanted to stop the strikes) of 129 female workers from among th... more

Diyarbakır turns its back on violence

Life is never simply black or white. Life is intertwined with black, white and shades of grey. Every person martyred during the operations against terrorism blackens life, while those who recover from their injuries whiten our lives. Despite terrori... more

Slowly Changing

Finally they negotiated, a cease-fire will come into effect at exactly 00:00 am on Friday night. We will see whether it will happen or not. Nobody has any doubt that they have fixed the last difficulties on dividing and sharing Syria.The interlocutor... more

Coming up next is Mosul...

When you are a journalist, you constantly wait for anything new to happen, even during the night. “Will something happen later in the night?” you think to yourself. Lately, without knowing what will happen in the morning, you fall asleep. You would h... more

Hoping for the best

Although it was vague that Syria was going to be divided, that the civil war would intensify and that the country was going to turn into an international conflict area, allegations about the country's ethnic distribution are already raised. The Democ... more

What the president said

I don't know; was it due to another photo shooting that the MHP leader Bahçeli didn't attend the inauguration session or perhaps didn't he want to witness the party administrators break the customs and enter into lots of arguments with the President ... more

The New Period and the 'Intelligentsia'

Russia is entering Syria with heavy weaponry. The weak point of the fighting is Russia is bringing its own army into conflict. Iran has already been there for a while now. We don't know whether the U.S. is against this, or whether it has some kind of... more

Will those who manage perception always win?

When you calmly think about our experiences, you can realize how explicit everything really is. Or when everything is evaluated 20 years later, it will be interpreted clearly. Yet, the current experiences, interpretations, statements and the media's... more

Following the bloody treacherous ambush

If there is terror and a terrorist organization involved in something, despite the elapsed time, the same character rises again. The same PKK, who organized a raid on Eruh and Şemdinli on August 15, 1984 and returned back to the Northern Iraq lands, ... more

Which photo is yours?

There are photos, which direct history after their creation and etch even the deepest notes in people's memories. We mostly read about the Civil War in Spain with the moment a soldier gets shot, or, the terror of the atomic bomb that dropped on Hiros... more

The traps set on the way to the election

A coalition could not be accomplished. A minority government could not be formed. Since the 45-day period is over, we are on the verge of automatically forming a power-sharing government as per Article 114 of the Constitution. It will be a first in ... more

The capital of uncertainties

The silence increased in the garden of the parliament with the afternoon call for prayer. Then we got the news, the meeting was over. Tents of the TV channels began to be packed away which were put on the grass carefully grown by the gardeners. The c... more

Where were we?

Since we are heading for re-elections in two months, you can say that we returned to the starting point. In a sense, we are. The June 7th election had hatched the deadlock in politics, and despite all the attempts this deadlock couldn't be unlocked. ... more


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