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The state in Anatolia and Syria

Two great powers of the world ignited a war with each other.One of them was sprawled in the northwest, while the other’s homeland was in the South.Not only the ones fighting at the moment, but also, their previous administrators and upcoming successo... more

There is no need to hurry…

Recordings, sounds, images, tapes, writings, allegations, accusations…Not so long ago, just last year all these were flying around.So much happened in between; thus, we’ve forgotten most of it.Where did all this come from; Mars?Was it the work of the... more

Maybe it’s even sooner than tomorrow

The negotiation traffic with the pro-Kurdish People’s Democratic Party, or HDP committee in the Kurdish Resolution Process has picked up pace and almost become untraceable.The committee, which first held discussions with PKK leader Abdullah Öcalan, a... more

Will it be the parties or the alliances?

While the winter is returning weather-wise, politics are heating up.The election started to make its weight be felt.The most recent news from AK Party until now was the candidacy of MIT Undersecretary Hakan Fidan and President Erdoğan’s “I’m not look... more

While meteorites are flying around us

We couldn’t have enough of discussing the rulership change in our neighboring country, and we will surely be discussing it even more in the next couple of days.Syriza had taken 36 percent of the “radical left-wing coalition”, with a general descripti... more

If you want, you can underrate Somalia…

We were just waiting to see whether the arguments related with the Supreme Court voting in the Parliament would lead somewhere. We were observing the reflection of the verdicts given in Ali İsmail Korkmaz’s murder case.Since the President and Prime M... more

We know what’s going to happen in 2015

I also have estimations related with 2015.The priority in my expectations is the Resolution Process.In my opinion, Öcalan and Qandil will make a common statement during  Newroz and declare that the PKK had given up on their armed struggle method agai... more

Another stormy week

While almost a week was drawing to a close in the new operation, which had started on Sunday morning, an uncertainty still existed as to what will happen.While writing this article, the result of the dispatch of twelve people, in which Chief Editor o... more

It’s easy to understand who tells the truth

An ongoing argument is making the rounds: Is it the government that didn’t keep their promises, and didn’t do this and that, or is it HDP and their components, who are on the other side of the table, that didn’t keep theirs?Nowadays we are constantly... more

Not only the elections, but also our future will be designed

In a memorial article in Cumhuriyet, which had been published following the death of Mustafa Ekmekçi, while a writer friend of his, whose name I cannot remember, was talking about their common memories, he had quoted the story of the Turkey Labor Par... more

Even if the cards change, the players are still the same

Soon we will see if we can pick up from where we have left off.Let’s see how fast the train, which hasn’t been chugging along much for a while now, will be able to move in the Resolution Process after November 30.For now, we don’t have the data avail... more

So that other people can be happy

During the past autumn, when the cram school arguments had kicked up the dust, I had written articles that were stating that this obstinacy would not end nicely.It seems that the December 17-25 operations were in the bag and the schoolroom issue was ... more

When mentioning another world...

Actually, it would be even better if Cemil Bayık makes more statements.Previously he had asked for the United Nations to be an observer in the Kurdish incident.Now, he had said, “We might accept it, if the USA becomes an observer in the Resolution Pr... more


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