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Coming up next is Mosul...

When you are a journalist, you constantly wait for anything new to happen, even during the night. “Will something happen later in the night?” you think to yourself.

Lately, without knowing what will happen in the morning, you fall asleep.

You would have to understand why they feel like this these days.

While in agenda meetings in the morning, you can be struck with the news that a Russian plane was shot down and, while still unable recover from the shock of this news, you can find out that Diyarbakır Bar Association President Tahir Elçi was shot.

While you are ready to speak to a reporter from Ankara on the Syrian issue during the nightly news, you can suddenly find yourself talking about Mosul.

What happened to Mosul?

As the time approaches midnight in Ankara, you call everyone you can, to debrief about Mosul. The capital city answers the calls in a coldblooded and tranquil manner. Despite them saying, “there is no need to exaggerate, it is only routine,” in a reliable and peaceful tone, a media manipulation kicks up a dust.

After days, you understand that the source of the exaggeration is far. First you naturally believe the source would be Iran, which is preparing to invade Mosul and its vicinities, or Russia.

The goal is kicked from somewhere unexpected.

Who, in the US, would be so irritated by the troops, who have long been in Mosul, and cause a stir?

They repeatedly say, “There is no one US,” then which U.S. is this?

Surely, the ones who make news on the Turkish brigade, transfers, the training in the region, Daesh's existence, the uncertainty of the aftermath of a city, exaggerate and spread the question, “Is there something illegal happening here?” know the answer too.

What does Tel Aviv, which has better relations with the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) than Turkey, think about all of this?

Or, what does history try to tell us with the photos taken in the past, of two Kurdish leaders being granted red passports and then nearly stoned to death, reaching us today?

What do the troops in Mosul mean other than ISIL/Mosul for Barzani, who currently has critical meetings in Ankara?

There are many questions...

The question of, “What will happen in Syria?” becomes even more complicated with the addition of the new question, “What will happen in Iraq?”

Without looking at the map you cannot really understand that the Syria-Iraq borders have become indistinct; a different power sits right between them.

The year is about to end. The year transfers all its questions to the new year.

While those who hold the petrol and dollar values in their hands, causing destruction greater than that caused through war, prepare for a new year, Turkey takes its precautions too.

Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu's 2016 Action Plan includes a folder that tries to average out the imperative necessities and indispensable obligations.

It looks like we will be on a harsh, narrow and icy road soon.

While all this is happening, Aziz Sancar took the stage to receive his Nobel Prize in Chemistry.

We swell with pride, just as we did when Orhan Pamuk received his reward for our beloved language, although it didn't need any proof and despite it being too little too late.

The dynamite at the base of the prize can be smelled all the way from here.

However, we live in a world in which we just have to take the average of great contradictions.

In addition to the prize that makes you proud, you are filled with the disturbing memory of an innovation, on which that very prize is based, that has cost the lives of scores of people and the great fortune it has gained.

The muadhdhin calls for night prayer in Ankara, soon to be called in Istanbul and then Bosnia.

Obviously it was first heard in Mosul...


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