Following the bloody treacherous ambush - YAŞAR TAŞKIN KOÇ

Following the bloody treacherous ambush

If there is terror and a terrorist organization involved in something, despite the elapsed time, the same character rises again.

The same PKK, who organized a raid on Eruh and Şemdinli on August 15, 1984 and returned back to the Northern Iraq lands, was most possibly trying to return back to Northern Iraq following their treacherous ambush they organized at the Yeşiltaş region on the Dağlıca road.

By the time I was writing this article, there was no concrete information other than claims that are open to speculations. Finally, towards the evening hours, first the Chief of the General Staff, and then the Prime Minister announced that the number of martyrs is 16.

The actual reality is that the terrorist organization is facing us once again like a ghost. Besides, this time, they are more immoral and dastard.

Through land mines and ambush tactics, which are regarded as a crime in any way around the world, they've changed the atmosphere in the country completely.

We don't know what they wanted or aimed for with that.

Other than having education in Kurdish and changing Öcalan's conditions, they have stated no demands until now.

They cannot answer the “What does it mean to use arms for these?” question. However, following this attack, not only did they contribute towards articulating a new aspect in the war against terror by changing the weather, but also, they have buried Öcalan, whose conditions they've demanded to change, alive.

Is it possible they couldn't foresee this result? Of course not… They did this willingly and knowingly.

They've finally gotten rid of dealing with the HDP, who has 13% voting rate, 80 parliamentarians and is their political representative. The HDP could've made a miracle come true by reprimanding the recent treacherous bloody attack; however, that miracle did not happen. The HDP proved that they are a toy in the hands of Qandil. From now, none of their statements will be scolded by any network at Qandil, because there is no need for it now, Qandil finished HDP politically.

They can continue their lives a legal and legitimate political party, and as its parliamentarians, enter the elections and exceed the threshold; however, it's pointless, because there is no longer a party called HDP politically. Didn't they regard this blood operation on the same scale as the deaths of people, whose causes of death are uncertain, following this cruel attack, whose details they've known beforehand?

Didn't they state “No matter what uniform they wear, it's our youth” in a statement and equalized the people, who set that treacherous ambush, and the people, who lost their lives in that ambush?

Didn't they fail to mention PKK or PKK attacks in any of their statements?

It means that they couldn't raise their voices as their political weight, legitimacy and legality are vaporized.

It's not enough; they've highlighted the perception operation of Hürriyet newspaper, which extremely twisted President Erdoğan's live statement, and disregarded the deaths of 16 martyrs.

The ones, who are stating that the Hürriyet newspaper didn't make such perception operation, can listen to the related part of the speech; that part can be found everywhere.

The most dramatic one is the headline Hürriyet published on the newspaper's social account and website; “Legal experts; there is no crime named perception operation…”

In other words, Hürriyet was accepting that they conducted a perception operation however defending that legally it's not a crime. With such disclosure, they are actually “Speaking of their thievery as they are talking about their bravery”.

There is no retribution for the attempt to use this trickery, which the newspaper accepted unknowingly, and cover the deaths of 16 martyrs.

We are advancing towards a point, where the PKK is actually a democratic organization set to destroy the “Erdoğan Dictatorship”, while talking about Uludere, Kobani and 400 parliamentarians.

Soon, the new generations will start believing that the PKK has been formed following the elections on November 3, 2002.

But, how come this is happening?

In which country, in the same league and aspect with Turkey, is this happening?

How come the world's strongest, richest, most international and widespread organization receives this much support as they are attempting to progress by spilling blood through the most immoral methods?

There is actually a sole reason…

The martyrization of 33 privates, the happenings in Uludere, on February 7th and in Dağlıca, were not only our internal issue.

All the fuss is done to hide this fact.

Both PKK and their direct/indirect collaborators know that the happenings are a tool of an international operation, straining and confronting.

Did they manage to tackle it, or did they increase the determination to resolve their own problems appropriately to their own power and direction?.... We will find out soon.


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