Hoping for the best - YAŞAR TAŞKIN KOÇ

Hoping for the best

Although it was vague that Syria was going to be divided, that the civil war would intensify and that the country was going to turn into an international conflict area, allegations about the country's ethnic distribution are already raised.

The Democratic Union Party (PYD) was just recently being heard about. There were news and interviews about the PYD suppressing with arms the other groups and primarily the Kurds. Signals started to come in about a Kurdish government's hub being founded in the north of Syria. And later they would start to talk about cantons. It was a time in which the U.S. wasn't openly declared as an ally.

If you were to search the Internet for maps on the topic you wouldn't have really been able to find much. I came across the aforementioned ethnic distribution in the region, in a thesis written years back. The thesis and map were claiming that the region just below the Turkish border did not belong to Kurds as made out by some. There were a majority of Kurds in some parts, however there were just as many Turkmens in these areas too, and the majority of the population consisted of Arabs.

And then a time came in which, these maps were renewed, fictionalized, counterfeited and then suddenly brought about. The Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant's (ISIL) attacks on Kobani and the incidents that followed played a major role in achieving this.

What exactly was the Kobani issue, and what was the role of the international media during this issue? This was an example that requires serious research and analyzing.

All this was followed by five months without a government being formed after the June 7 elections. Skipping everything that happened in between, when we examine today we see a rising terror problem, a sharp fight against terrorism, and ISIL's bombs in Diyarbakır, Suruç and Ankara.

To top it all, things are becoming more obscure as investigations continue.

Kobani's real meaning; the PYD's existence as a partner in the region, the PKK's attacks re haunting, ISIL entering our borders, Russia settling into Syria, the U.S. open support of the PYD, have all unraveled in the last five months.

Meanwhile, as different agreements are being sought on the Syrian issue, the refugees arriving at the borders of Europe brings nothing but temporary care.

We should also note that currently there is ongoing negotiation traffic about Cyprus in the Mediterranean region.

The Greek Cypriot Administration of southern Cyprus continues to speak with President Akıncı of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus after he says that certain topics will not be discussed with Turkey the night before. The regions, states, organizations, events, collaborations and plans in the region, especially Syria, are now very clear and obvious.

The circle encompassing this region has been drawn with a pencil. The only matter now is to convince Turkey or to break down its will.

And now, we go to the ballot box once more.

Will this circle, drawn with a pencil, be traced over with ink/blood?

We will see whether the circle is filled according to plan.

And whether we sit and watch as an audience will be determined with the elections.

And until then, we can be amused with news on the referees being escorted out of the Trabzon stadium, toward the morning, by police officers, or, with Hürriyet newspaper's humanist article on “Police intervention while Chef Oktay hands out rice to people.”

It feels like life is full of weird coincidences. Yet none of these events have happened coincidently. Neither the dreams of a canton in the Arab-Turkmen populated region, nor the image-making incident of Kobani are coincidental...

Neither the U.S.'s solidarity with the PYD, nor Russia's military intervention...

Neither Hürriyet's cunningly produced news (serving the parallel media), nor Ertuğrul Özkök and the PKK terror organization daringly coming out at the same time.

There are times we think the thing we consider as elections are far more important than the elections themself, and the elections are everything other than really being elections.

What can we say, “Let us hope for the best.”


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