Let's hope for the best - YAŞAR TAŞKIN KOÇ

Let's hope for the best

When a fuel delivery was completed for daily Cumhuriyet's election truck by the United Nations, the headline of the video that we completely watched last year went fifty meters further rough and tumble.

When we look at the editor-in-chief's article yesterday, it seems that they only took the photo of the government-Gülen Movement conflict.

With the attitude that we are used to from our rigid Kemalists' army calls, upon the New York Times' calling NATO for duty, it has been a little weird.

With the Gülen Movement's secretly fake Lahey nudgings and HDP's folk dance with “la hey la hey” yells, we are going through the election with a razzle-dazzle.

In brief' we assume that every election is new, but we are mistaken.

They are all the same; everyone's place and alliance are certain. After the election, we forget till the next election, and who is arm in arm with who actually comes out.

If what we live is real, if there is some truth in them -I very much want to believe so-you think that there is only a Qandil Partridge Protection Community in those camps.

That's not the situation.

But today by the end of the general elections, there is only a result that I'm waiting for and that is just about this topic; both Qandil and guns, long barreled sniper rifles and the years when the people were treated as partridges to be the things of the past and not to come back again.

Who wins the elections?

How is the government formed?

I don't know whether it is going to be one-party; a strong or weak rulership; coalition or a new early general election. People will decide it.

My personal assumption is almost each party is going to protect the votes taken in the local elections; even if HDP's votes increase, its exceeding the threshold is less probable than not exceeding the threshold.

But as I said; the rulership options and who gets what are not important.

The thing you call “election” comes again in a wink of an eye.

We forget easily, but let's remember, even during the thirteen years of one party rulership, we went to the polls every sixteen months.

The election on Sunday is going to be the third one only within the last fourteen months.

That is why more important than the elections and the results of them is what is going to happen next.

For the next thing, the most important for me is the Resolution Process itself.

When HDP cannot exceed the threshold, it is going to a big injustice and even treachery for this country and the Kurds to imprison this process into a serious and long disorder.

Stirring up trouble when not exceeding threshold sheltering under the distrust perception will be the guarantee to get less votes; it will be thought that the claim of Turkishization is a lie for an election.

If HDP exceeds the threshold, the first statement it should make is it is time to say goodbye to the guns any more.

Even if HDP exceeds the threshold or not, in the same way it is valuable and important that the other parties, the people and various fractions of the society do not perceive this as a development that will damage the Resolution Process and act accordingly.

Elections and rulerships pass by but, as being Turks and Kurds we continue to give a direction for our common life and future more positively, as brothers in solidarity as it is in our common history. We must do it. Hopefully we will do it.

It is the only way for all of us to continue to see the elections and our brotherhood as the things different from each other.

After distinguishing this from each other, it is both easy and natural to discuss the new ways it will open about the leaders, staff and our future.

I wish the election will be begin and finish quietly, peacefully, with an excitement within the democratic discussions and in advance may the results be benevolent for all our people and country.


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