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Slowly Changing

Finally they negotiated, a cease-fire will come into effect at exactly 00:00 am on Friday night. We will see whether it will happen or not. Nobody has any doubt that they have fixed the last difficulties on dividing and sharing Syria.

The interlocutors do not deny or hide this. They are deciding whether the millions of Syrian children who have left their country will have a country or not. They are also deciding whether those who were born in the places they have gone will be able to return to their homelands or not…

If we look for a similar example, perhaps the things experienced most resemble the collapse and distribution of Yugoslavia.

Roughly it seems that being divided into three pieces will not be enough; just as in Yugoslavia, there will be cantons, one within the other.

This segregation which is so scratched, bent and bleeding that is makes the division of the region and the population with maps drawn with a ruler gradually impossible.

You can see the corridor in the north they want to greet as the future Kurdistan turns into the Turkmen, Arab and Kurd cantons, one within the other.

While shouting the place down Daesh! Daesh...they will also disappear and a Sunni region beyond the Iraqi border will remain.

It doesn't seem possible to predict from now on how complicated the future of the Nusayri state on the shore of the Mediterranean from the sectarian and ethnic point of view is going to be.

But of course the resentment of the blood all these wars and clashes shed will linger, and it is obvious that it will activate dynamics that will also affect the future of the region.

In a nutshell, the Syrian issue will not be limited to Syria.

From now on, we know how it affects Iraq.

Furthermore, it also has the potential to change the future of the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) in Northern Iraq. History goes slower than we assume in the East. Since the thing we call “time" is dependent on movement, as long as the dust the noise of these bombs caused settles down, it means that we will be witnessing it pass slower than we assume. In the East generally things do not go as planned.

The markets of Damascus are famous.

It seems that things will not go as planned, not only for the outsiders, but also for those who intervene and even reside in Damascus.

Shortly, the problem of Syria cannot be resolved in the short term.

If it is accepted as a consolation, those who live will see that it will reduce.

We have come to a period in which history is witnessing upsets.

A period in which it is more difficult to predict what will happen next.

A period in which both the plans made in those megacapitals and the speed of the age we have been living could not provide the match wanted in those lands.

Of course, nothing will remain like this.

No doubt that the future of millions of people will not continue this way being affected by this.

It will be understood better what kind of a value is given by everyone to the people living on the lands next to all of them or just as the lands of Africa on the other side of the shore.

The meaning of the things the state that the Anatolian region, without oil, natural gas and extra advantages established again fighting tooth and nail since the Balkan Wars for just 12 years will be understood once again.

Even if asking for a separate piece of land for Kurds becomes possible, after a short time once again it will be understood that actually it is impossible to realize it.

Of course this fluctuating tension depending on the Syrian issue will come to an end.

This primitive society which does not know how to seize the assets of the guests taking refuge in their country, as the modern developed Western societies; this ahistorical nation which is unable to burn their camps and applaud with cheers, once again will prove that also solving its own problems extending over a period of time in Anatolian territory can be an example to the world of a place everyone can live.

Those who suffer will see that this is so and at least actually only wish this.

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