The capital of uncertainties - YAŞAR TAŞKIN KOÇ

The capital of uncertainties

The silence increased in the garden of the parliament with the afternoon call for prayer.

Then we got the news, the meeting was over.

Tents of the TV channels began to be packed away which were put on the grass carefully grown by the gardeners. The cables were being pulled one by one.

The guests completely departed.

The square where there were mostly parliament correspondents, news directors and representatives became relatively empty.

Then the first news broke; Prime Minister Davutoğlu would make a statement at 17:30.

Since he would make the statement alone, there was not a positive result after the two-and-a-half-hour meeting. Those who thought so were right.

Then, classically saying “Ankara lobbies” fluctuated; Bahçeli refused all the proposals.

The credibility of the rumor “We wanted 6 ministries, the decision is AK Party's now”, which was claimed to be whispered by some people from the MHP to the journalists, could not last for 5 minutes.

The Prime minister had the floor and said “Dear Mr. Bahçeli refused all the proposals.”

With respect to the coalition, as the chairman of the MHP did not make their own conditions flexible at all, he also refused the options for forming a minority government.

He was even against a snap election.

That was the expected and never surprising result.

Those, who for no reason started the day with the news claiming that the MHP front was ready to speak the coalition as well, the base and the organization, were ambitious for the coalition, and at 6 p.m. saw the unvarnished truth which actually hasn't been changed since June 7.

Whatever was expected has happened, but it is quite suspicious what will happen after now. There are only 4 days for the completion of the 45 days of the constitutional period.

The whistle will be blown when the time is over and the election will be called automatically.

Will this period be waited?

As the opposition has been referring quite often, does the Prime Minister return mandate?

Even if he does, we have a few days. Is there a possibility to form a new government that is untried or a white hope?

Will the parliament be called to be convened for an extraordinary session? Will the AK Party or the Parliament Speaker make the call?

If the meeting is held and after that, either that day or a few days after, if a vote should take place in the parliament, what is the attitude of the MHP going to be?

Because if the MHP also votes “no” together with the CHP and HDP, the proposal of the AK Party will be refused and since the time will be over, automatically an election government in which all four parties represented in Parliament are represented should to be formed.

Will the HDP contribute members to this government? If it does, will the MHP also do so?

Even if the MHP does not contribute members, in this period of the certain fight against terror; how will the MHP explain to its own mass the ministers from the HDP?

Questions bring questions.

But the answers are indefinite now.

While I was writing this article, the AK Party was in a meeting. It was not certain whether they would call the parliament for an extraordinary session or not.

The weather is clear and sunny in Ankara; now the garden of the parliament is empty. What will happen four days later is quite uncertain.

Henceforth, it is not possible to predict how this uncertainty will affect the votes in the snap election which has already been conclusive.

Wherever we finished the previous article, we are already there now;

Namely we are approximately at the point where we had started; almost on the date June 6, 2015…

It seems that the silence of the green grass of the Parliament would last for two months more…


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