The New Period and the 'Intelligentsia' - YAŞAR TAŞKIN KOÇ

The New Period and the 'Intelligentsia'

Russia is entering Syria with heavy weaponry. The weak point of the fighting is Russia is bringing its own army into conflict.

Iran has already been there for a while now.

We don't know whether the U.S. is against this, or whether it has some kind of agreement or communion.

Moscow started with active operations on Georgia, the Ukraine and now Syria, trying to expand up to warm seas. The joke, in the top ten, of “The expert ridiculing the official dates” about “warm seas” is starting to materialize.

The U.S. is here with its aircraft carriers. Some Western countries continue to wander around in these waters, passing over North Africa, either because of different opportunities, or because they have coasts across from each other.

The Greek Cypriot section of Cyprus and Israel, although they have many joint ventures, are more active with the new Egyptian administration. In sum, while everyone is positioning their power in the Mediterranean, negotiations suddenly are speeding up in Cyprus. Although it sounds unbelievable when first heard, the legal status of the British military base on the Island is “government status”. How will this affect negotiations? We will see if the negotiations eventuate.

Ankara owning an aircraft carrier and Ankara's efforts to free itself from being attached to the satellite technology the national defense industry is included in all of this.

When you look at the coup in Burkina Faso, it is evident that the quakes will not only continue in the North of the continent, but will happen in the middle parts of the continent, too. Being inhabited mainly by Muslims isn't surprising for anyone anymore.

The reason for us doing this little geographic trip is to question whether a new cold war will happen or not. I have no objections to those who say, “That war never ended anyway.” Or maybe the 1st World War never ended...

Therefore, fault lines throughout the World are slipping rigidly and have started to break from place to place.

All this leading to the refugee crisis ironically brings this crisis to the doors of the West.

If we add all this up, we can say a new order is approaching. By saying order, we obviously don't mean a harmonious rapport created around certain rules; instead this will be a period in which an unknown disorder dominates.

While the World is stepping into such chaos, everyone should step onto firm ground.

Just like; passengers fastening their seat belts and putting sharp objects down when the plane goes into turbulence.

This turbulence will be longer and harsher than expected.

The things we live because of the daily debates and our ideological positions make it seem like things happening around us are independent and have nothing to do with us. But, Turkey is actually seated and is trying to fasten its seatbelt. Turkey is putting down all sharp objects, so that these objects don't harm it during turbulence.

The Gülen Movement's mafia cells have been pushed out of the way, and the PKK terror attacks being answered rigorously by our army and cleaned out of our towns, is actually a way of putting away sharp objects during turbulence.

It isn't hard to see what happens to those who step firmly and those who don't, during times of turmoil in the World.

The 90s sum up what we went through when we were caught up in this new state and were affected upon the Soviet Block collapsing.

This perspective is an entertaining argument for experts who “Caricaturize official history.” You would think Turkey is the only country that isn't on earth and is instead on Mars, unaffected by anything happening in the world.

In this way, despite killing people in the most savage way, a terror organization can be unseen; the asphalt explodes by itself, and bullets come out of nowhere killing innocent people.

History proves that what they say isn't of any importance. The picture is clear and straightforward. Turkey is taking precautions against the hired pioneers and after effects in regards to the quakes that happen in the Middle East, the Mediterranean and Africa, regions in which Turkey has some kind of rapport including; borders, a joint history and culture. Turkey will continue to take precautions.

If Turkey is unsuccessful in taking these precautions, then we will pay a heavy price as those who direct the media show a completely different story.

Whether you are a leftist, a liberal, a national or a conservative, the most important thing to be in this country is an honorable person...

Not seeing the truth because of the country's and the nation's interests is understandable, but turning the truths around, disregarding the connections and covering the operations.... This is a wound that cannot be healed by your conscience.


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