The traps set on the way to the election - YAŞAR TAŞKIN KOÇ

The traps set on the way to the election

A coalition could not be accomplished.

A minority government could not be formed.

Since the 45-day period is over, we are on the verge of automatically forming a power-sharing government as per Article 114 of the Constitution.

It will be a first in Turkey.

The MHP, in the beginning having already announced that it would not join any election government, joined the CHP, too.

Contrary to the expectations, the HDP said, “We will join the government; moreover, we will decide whoever we want to see as ministers”.

According to the Constitution, as long as the Prime Minister has the authority to select and the President has the authority to approve, this HDP statement will only cause tension.

Politics overcome this issue as well, but when we have a look at the point we arrived at today, we can't stop ourselves from saying, “What was the need for that?”

Since it wouldn't take place in the election government, at least wouldn't it be less risky for the current government to be in charge for 60 more days and take the country to the polls?

The fight against the PKK terror is deepening, sharpening and spreading. Because of the last actions in İstanbul, the terrorist far-left Revolutionary Peoples Liberation Party-Front (DHKP-C) went into action and it may continue.

While going through an autumn in which the global crisis is expected to be harder, for whom will it be useful for a semi technocrat government to proceed for the country on its way by increasing the uncertainty before the election?

Since they insistently caused an election government to be mandatory, then why aren't there the CHP and MHP in the government that will be formed?

We will see altogether within the following 3 months what it will cost when the own priority of the politics becomes more important than country benefits.

Wouldn't the duty possibly be handed over to the CHP?

It was obvious that; because of the time remaining it couldn't be handed over.

Because first, it became clear that a coalition between the HDP and AK Party could not be formed; politics started the match as defeated 0-1.

Then the MHP closed the door to everyone, the score was 0-2.

In spite of all the efforts and the good intentions the coalition attempt with the CHP did not work, the score was 0-3.

When the score was 0-3, we only had the additional three minutes. The CHP is like a footballer who strongly objects the referee for not playing the additional three minutes of the match saying, “Why wasn't the duty handed over to us?”

However, the remaining days don't give a chance to form a coalition.

The CHP only forming a minority government and bringing it to the Parliament can ask for a vote of confidence. It is obvious that it will fail this vote of confidence. But just right there, there is a big problem; the 45 days of the Constitutional period that is almost over will start again on the voting day. So it has to return the mandate again. But since the 45-day period will automatically start, there will be an environment where the uncertainty will increase.

Till a new government is formed, the minority government of the CHP will be in charge. After this rulership that will last for a few weeks, the party which is handed over to form the government will be obliged to try the same method.

Since it is going to be a move that will drag Turkey into a viscous cycle, even if the CHP has the right to object, they know quite well that if their request is realized, only the chaos will increase.

Since the coalition could not be formed, cannot be formed, it would not be useful to anyone by using the gaps and leading to consecutive, short termed and meaningless rulerships.

Since the Higher Election Committee is pointing towards November 1, after 72 days, we will see altogether how these people will decide to solve this deadlock in front of the election ballots.

The history of this country is on the other hand the history the operations will increase as the misty weather increases, the uncertainties grow and crises approach.

The assassination attempt targeting Star Media Group Chairman Murat Sancak yesterday is at the same time a part of this history.

The journalists are attacked more during the crisis period. Especially the 1990s have a devastating density. Those years were in a terrible period when a covered coup was staged in the Southeastern Anatolia and after that there was the February 28 process.

May Sancak, all the employees of the group that I am working for and all of the media community quickly put this behind them.

When the suspects are arrested, it will be seen how it was a multi-functional “rental attack” from the defense industry to the media policies of the group and an attempt to open the door to similar attacks that will increase the chaos in the country: a new trap set on the way to the election.

I have nothing to say to those who do not sincerely and honestly condemn this attack, those who did not present the news in this way and gave a title that will write their names deeper again on their dishonorable place in the history of media…

They will be remembered as they deserve.


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