The week when the questions increased - YAŞAR TAŞKIN KOÇ

The week when the questions increased

Yesterday the exploratory stage of the coalition meetings between the AK Party and CHP was completed.

Now we wonder whether there will be a meeting between the chairmen or not.

It is another question for us, especially for the journalists, when the meeting will be if it is going to be arranged.

What will emerge from that meeting will concern us very closely.

On one side, the struggle against terror continues. The course and size of the operations are not clear yet.

What we know is, for a long time dispatching the soldiers and police to Eastern and Southeastern Anatolia was an obvious fact by the autumn to sweep the region of the outlawed PKK, which subjectively formed a “parallel state" in the region.

After the blast in Suruç, the terror organization which continued the attacks during the two days bloodily brought this forward.

The outlawed organization must realize that, in a way that they never expected, the practice of the armed struggle continued.

Within two weeks it emerged that the climate that was experienced for the sake of the Resolution Process did not mean leaving the floor to them. And obviously it will emerge more.

As the second week of the operations draws to a close, in the language that is used and the approach towards the things happened, some changes and some moderation is seen.

From the “we act despotically" as a slogan for a long time, the outlawed PKK rapidly started a search for the international aid.

It is obvious that HDP approached the statements that would keep it away from being a part of terror and violence, despite the tone differences which arose from making more than one statement every day.

It is seen that between the co-chairs ,especially Demirtaş speaks, whereas the other co-chair doesn't; a lot of known names who can put themselves into trouble both socially and legally are avoiding the microphones and screens nowadays.

As they are following the level of polemics over Bahçeli, the leader of the MHP who gave them a lot of opportunities; on the other hand, news of the “get ready for the election" order that reached all the organizations comes.

We hope, at least the only reason for this change in the level of statement is not the elections.

We hope the HDP administration reminds its respondents with its old experiences they know better than all of us that, how the politics becomes meaningless when the guns speak.

The first three days of this week, on the other hand The Supreme Military Council (YAŞ) meetings and their results are important.

At the end the council of which a big surprise is not expected, it is expected that the Commander of the Land Forces will be the General Staff, with a seldom practice, the Commander of the Turkish Gendarmerie Forces' extension of the term of office will not be surprising.

At the end of the Supreme Military Council (YAŞ) meeting, we will actually see how the claims against the existence of the “Parallel Organization" in the army will result.

Shortly speaking, we are in a week with many questions and we will be taking the answers of most of them next week lately.

If we have a lot of questions, the choices of our questions and the answers we will give to those questions will also be a lot.

I hope we will manage to give the best answers to all the questions in the best way for us.

Even if I have a high risk to be mistaken in such an uncertainty, let me note down my opinion about a few questions which are highly wondered;

The coalition meetings with CHP will perhaps reach to a level (probably on Thursday or Friday) in which the party chairmen will meet, but a coalition cannot be formed.

After that, those who believe the idea that the coalition will be formed with the MHP will be greater in number, but I think it will not be able to be formed with MHP and we will go to an early election.

I don't know whether the resolution that did not emerge on June 7 will emerge in November or not.

On the other hand, what will happen to the terror becoming more cruel by using more ambushes and traps in this period when we say goodbye to our martyrs with the Turkish flag again, which takes the first place in our agenda and hurts us, costing the lives of our children?

Actually not the state, but the organization and its components will decide this as well.

The ultimate goal of the Resolution Process, namely the ceasefire and going abroad, in a nutshell, till they accept to quit the armed struggle against the Turkish Republic, the operations of the state and the sweeping movement, the willpower and insistence to eradicate that “parallel state" in the region this or that will continue.

I hope, God willing, for all these questions, that soon we will be able to succeed to give the best answers for us.


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