Turkmen Mountain or Syria's future - YAŞAR TAŞKIN KOÇ

Turkmen Mountain or Syria's future

According to the news, Turkmen Mountain is once again going through hard times.

Going through the risk of falling at the end of last autumn, the region survived with the support it received, however this time it seems that it is in serious trouble.

As reported by all agencies, regime forces have taken a significant amount of land in the region with the support of Russian bombardment.

Another important piece of current news on Syria is the reports on the regime forces fighting Hezbollah.

These two developments that shed light on the future of the borders and alliances occurred on the same day.

No one can guarantee that Turkmen Mountain will not fall in the next few days. Tomorrow Moscow might accept to shake the hand Turkey has extended (at a presidential level) on the occasion of Russia's National Day.

Would you be surprised if a rapid rapprochement happened between the two countries?

In a region in which many sides and plans exist, enemies can become friends while friends can become enemies.

Therefore, it is not appropriate to interpret the recent incidents as tomorrow's realities.

If Turkmen Mountain falls, there is not much that can change. Therefore there is no need to act as if nothing has happened.

But is there a guarantee that if it falls today, it will never be conquered again?

The matter is not limited only to that which is taken today and lost yesterday and will possibly be retaken or given tomorrow anyway.

For example, what kind of a Middle East, Syria or Iraq should we expect to see in the future... this is the real issue.

The answer to this question will show us whether it is worth crying over the things that we grieve today or rejoice about other things.

Will we feel the same tomorrow?

Who will decide on all this?

For example, who will make the final decision when so many different powers are at conflict in Syria at a time in which one of those sides is far from becoming the leading power for a long time yet.

Will they have the power to decide?

Or does this mean that the result will depend on the distribution of power?

It is uncertain how many more years the sides can continue like this, without a settlement. Don't the many countries have a view on the future of Syria that has not been expressed before?

Hasn't this civil war continued for too long?

Isn't this an unbearable struggle for the Syrians?

Will the already planned projects determine whether the war will end or not?

The aftermath of the declaration of Kurdish land in the north of Syria (which has the open support of the US) should be considered too. Jarabalus is still standing there as a corner stone.

How will the future of Jarabalus, as planned by the US, serve the purpose of Damascus and its supporters?

How about the Kurds?

How will the memories affect the relations they have with their Arab Turkmen brothers in the future?

It is possible that the land Daesh dominates at the moment will remain separate from Syria and Iraq?

And the Christian region Nusayri? And a void capital in the other two regions...

Or will they find a magical solution that will help retain the territorial integrity of Syria?

And if this is not a solution, how will the independent regions survive? Will they need some kind of support?

Is there a possibility that they will not hear?

The things we experience now are most likely determined by the ideas, sides, attitudes and decision on the future.

What is the reason for the conflict between the regime and Hezbollah, which supported the regime forces in the toughest of times?

It looks like we are approaching a new bend, let's wait and see what will happen, and how long it will continue.


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