What kind of a 2023? - YAŞAR TAŞKIN KOÇ

What kind of a 2023?

2023, the year we are expected to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Republic, is a date that is constantly referred to politically and otherwise.

What are we expected to see that day?
What kind of a Turkey will we come across? What kind of a Turkey would we like to see? We look for the answers to the above questions besides many others and try to proceed.

The first things that come to mind are exports, growth rates, inflation, and our targets toward the fields we contemplate on advancing in. Clearly this is natural. After all this has been achieved, then maybe we can make changes and achieve progress in culture, arts, literature and academics. But what is the role of other factors in attaining these initial goals? Are the fields of academics, the media, arts, and literature the owners of these goals?

Do these guide while moving toward these goals?

We are talking about a short period of seven years that will come sooner than expected.

Lately statements have been made about solutions for the newly created problems that have resulted from prolonging life (which is normally a good thing and offers many opportunities.)

There has also been research and calculations on the connection between the population and the direction of movement (directly or indirectly) toward 2023 goals and targets.

The numbers are pointing toward an aging and decreasing rate of increase. There is nearly no voice on the goals aimed at 2023 other than politics, and maybe politics in relation to the population rate that will take us toward the 2023 goals.

A similar inability is seen in the refugee population existence, especially the Syrians.

Scientific research on the contributions of refugees continues, but this does not mean much thinking is done in Turkey on the economic, cultural and social contributions of Syrians even if the Syrian issue is resolved.

Maybe research on all of the above is conducted, but we just haven't heard of it. If we as the media do not know, or we do not try to find out, and present to the public and politics, then we are at fault.

I have not come across valuable work in these areas as yet.

Therefore this perspective which puts goals to be achieved by 2023, and sees this date as a milestone is everyone's responsibility. This is not something we just lay at the door of politics.

This approach, which delays the work in its own field and leaves everything for politics to do, does not do its own job and instead increases politics' burden and negatively affects it on its journey toward the target.

The lack of research on the Kurdish issue for many years cannot only be due to the political atmosphere of the period. If this was the case then we would not have sections on tribes, Alevism and Kurds in books written during these periods.

After all, opportunities are not the most important thing standing in front of someone doing their job properly, but instead determination and perspective are. What kind of a 2023 are we heading toward while we have such limited time; what should we do to achieve these goals; which of these goals will we get close to, and which will we achieve? Everyone needs an analysis in their own field, and then they need to make a calendar to reach this goal.

Of course the media need to undertake responsibilities, even if just on paper, within this scope too.

Turkish media need to understand the relation between new technology and the news, programs and software and the visual, audio and fictional habits and the effects they will have on the media. Besides, all profession groups need to publicize their work toward the 2023 targets.

Put aside the question about the future of conventional, customary and classical press organs. We need questions on whether television and newspapers will exist in 2023 to be answered.

In conclusion, the remaining time we have is limited, but the things we need to complete by then are more than plenty. 2023 is not the only issue... When we get to 2023, we will have a unit of measure that we will be using toward the next target.

I hope we are at a point of white hope when we celebrate the 100th anniversary of our Republic in 2023.


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