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What the president said

I don't know; was it due to another photo shooting that the MHP leader Bahçeli didn't attend the inauguration session or perhaps didn't he want to witness the party administrators break the customs and enter into lots of arguments with the President during the inauguration session of the Grand National Assembly?

I think there was not a single sentence that would disturb the deputies of the MHP or the CHP in a speech of thirty pages written on half of an A4 sized paper with large fonts, but they preferred to provoke the speech from time to time.
As it was expected, the speech was reflecting the point of view of the Presidency on the basic problems of the process that has been experienced.

Syria, the refugees, chaos in the region, terror, the steps of the Resolution Process connected to this and some mention of the EU, economy and the new election on November 1.
In spite of these titles, the speech was based on a basic analysis; “All the things we have been experiencing are related with each other.”
Besides his emphasis on the determination in the fight against terror, indivisibility of Turkey, unity of the nation, the Turkish language, the National Anthem, his call for generally all of us and especially for the Kurdish citizens was quite explicit; we are one nation under one flag in one country owning one state.
It was the in last part of the speech where the introspective look later turned into an analysis; “Global system is on the move, and while changing makes use of Turkey's gains and targets …”

The fight against terror and the external developments that were forming most of President Erdoğan's speech were connected with each other here; for him the terror that has to be fought to the bitter end was a part of all these developments.
It is obvious that this is the right analysis.

Even if so to say the know-it-all intellectual hegemony in the art and media that refuses that what we have been experiencing are independent from us and our own problems advises us for centuries not to blame ourselves, Tunus, Libya, Egypt, Syria, Iraq, Palestine, the Muslim geography in the variable zone of Africa, even the maneuver in Iran and the Crimean issue, are all related with each other.
There is only one country that could not be moved from its place in all this map, even did not face a threat of being divided, in spite of all the turmoil, maintained its stability and did not fall into desperation.

Either from the land or from the waters of the Black Sea and the Mediterranean, wherever you look from, as Erdoğan underlined at the end of his speech, it is just the time for the 78 million people to move in the same way towards the same direction.
There are tens of cultural, political, social and intellectual differences among us, and there should be; what we experience is not to wear out the things belonging to our future with these and distinguish them.
The sounds of F-22s and Su-24s began to be heard with the call for prayers in the Syrian skies.
Even if everyone discusses it, Assad is only one of the symbolic tools of the war who certainly will have no place in the future of the country.

For the future of this poor country which has been actually divided, aside from these people, it's as though everyone has a word to say.
For their part, they either fight with one of the fronts or they are bombed or they hit the roads…

Within all this chaos, in the north of Syria and just below our borders, the outlawed PKK/PYD which, want to form a Kurdish region, don't want to miss the opportunity of the perception that they fight against ISIL together with the West.
Even if it was obvious that they could not bear such a war in two countries at the same time, probably it was not their own tactical work to waste Turkey's time and disturb it in such a period.

Just as the tanks which were seen going towards the south during the religious holiday did not go to the border to fight against terror.
Even if Ankara endures the scissors that it entered inside, it will not allow those scissors to cut itself.
While all the armies of the world have been deployed in the Mediterranean, however it is obvious that the Cyprus negotiations will not continue as Europe that has been showing displeasure before it suddenly eased off, the rulers drawing those maps will not at least be able to reach Anatolia.
Probably the foreigners completely filling the diplomatic lodge could have understood this from the words, movements and intonation.
Those who live will see…


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